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Warsaw. After the accident on Sokrates, another street in Bielany will be safer for pedestrians

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Road workers announce that they will take care of the safety of pedestrians on Przy Agora Street. New asylums will be created at the crossings, and the roadways will be narrowed to calm traffic. A tender for the works has already been announced. Changes were demanded by the inhabitants after a tragic accident on the nearby Sokratesa Street.

The Municipal Roads Authority continues the implementation of the project: “Safe streets: Conrada, Sokratesa and Przy Agora – improving the safety of pedestrian crossings”. This is a participatory budget project that has enjoyed considerable popularity among the residents. A total of 1,711 people voted for him.

Expanded asylums

The first two parts have already been completed. With five crossings – the zebra crossings across Conrada Street in the area of ​​Neruda and Bronownicza Streets and at the level of Conrada 14 – too narrow asylums were widened, which previously did not provide a comfortable passage to the other side of the street.

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Sokratesa Street in Bielany was also rebuilt. “We equipped it with new infrastructure, which made it much safer and more convenient for residents. Two roundabouts were built, pedestrian crossings were shortened and secured with shelters, and sidewalks were widened. The street also gained a lot of greenery, creating, among others, rain gardens” – road workers calculate.

Changes are also awaiting crossings along Przy Agora Street in the area of ​​property No. 11 and No. 15. The current asylums are very narrow there, and the traffic lanes in both directions are wide enough (in some places they are even 5 meters) to encourage speeding and attempts overtaking at zebra crossing In a comprehensive audit of pedestrian crossings, both zebras were rated 2 (on a scale of 0-5). The auditors indicated for too long a pass.

Green will appear

As the road engineers explained, the solution is tailored to the needs. Asylum is used in such places, i.e. where the roadway is wide. Allows a pedestrian to cross the road twice. If it is busy, the pedestrian does not have to wait for vehicles to pass from both sides – he can stop in the middle after crossing one lane. At the same time, the asylum causes “ess” of the roadway, so it calms down the traffic, and by narrowing it locally, it prevents drivers from overtaking in front of the zebra.

The contractor will have one more task – he will remove the areas excluded from traffic. Greenery will replace the bituminous surface and cobblestones.

Changes on Przy Agora Street will be possible after the tender is settled. We anticipate 60 days from the moment of signing the contract to complete the works.

Rebuilding after an accident

Reconstruction of Sokrates Street was demanded by the inhabitants after the tragic accident accidentwhich took place in October 2019. A BMW driver traveling at high speed hit 33-year-old Adam G., who was crossing the lanes with his family. The pedestrian died on the spot. His wife and three-year-old son survived.

The accident shocked public opinion and mobilized local residents to take to the streets in defense of pedestrian safety. The day after the event, about 300 people gathered in silent protest at the scene of the accident to make those who have an impact on road safety aware of the problem.

Protest after the accident on SocratesTVN24

A week after the tragedy in Bielany, the mayor of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski announced a package of changes on city roads. He announced that Socrates would undergo a thorough modernization. He also declared the continuation of audits of pedestrian crossings without signalization and their lighting, as well as covering almost two-thirds of city streets with the pace 30 zone, calming traffic by building roundabouts and narrowing the roadway.

Ultimately work on Socrates started in July 2021.

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