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Warsaw. Pedestrian and bicycle bridge. The contractor corrects the details

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The pedestrian and bicycle bridge connecting the banks of the Vistula River still arouses many emotions. Hundreds of thousands of people have already passed it. Road workers explain why – despite the opening – there are still some works being carried out on the crossing.

The bridge to Prague opened on March 28, on the extension of Karowa and Okrzei streets, has been attracting crowds of Warsaw residents and tourists from the first day. According to the Municipal Roads Authority's calculations, the city took advantage of it within the first week 200 thousand peopleincluding about 20 thousand cyclists.

“No building commissioned in recent years in Warsaw has aroused such emotions,” ZDM emphasizes. Road workers add that every detail is quickly captured, described and commented on. “The presence of Budimex employees at the facility was also noticed. It is completely normal and you will be able to meet them there for some time,” adds ZDM.

SEE: Workers and barriers on the new bridge.

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Road workers remind that the bridge obtained an occupancy permit issued by the construction supervision authority before its March opening. This is an essential document stating that you can use it safely and comfortably.

Such cosmetics of the new bridge are standard

“At this point, the work is being settled and the details are being corrected, to which our inspectors pay attention. The contractor, where necessary, improves paint coatings, resin coatings, or the fit of elements. This also includes, for example, lifting the balustrades. The team responsible for the construction of the bridge it is carried out at night and in the morning. Since these are not urgent activities, we have agreed that they will not be carried out on weekends,” they explain.

And they point out that such cosmetics of the new bridge are standard. The Łazienkowski Bridge, rebuilt a few years ago, was treated in exactly the same way. “Although, of course, the emotions aroused by the bridge to Praga are incomparably greater,” they say.

The first works on the construction of the bridge began in January 2022. According to the capital's city hall, the structure was to be put into operation this spring. And that's how it happened.

Pedestrian and bicycle footbridge in Warsaw – bridge over the Vistulatvn24.pl / Adam Michejda

SEE: She noticed an “interrupted trail” on the map. This is how she came up with a footbridge over the Vistula River.

452-meter bridge on seven supports

The single-level bridge is supported on seven reinforced concrete piers. On the left bank, before the last pillar, the crossing widens into two ramps that have been placed over the boulevards at the level of the Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie sidewalk. The bridge is made of steel covered with paint that imitates the color of corten. This material and coating is more suitable due to the high humidity on the river.

The new bridge stretches for 452 meters and in this respect it has become one of the longest crossings of this type in the world. It is 127 meters longer than London's Millennium Bridge, one of the most famous structures of this type. The width of the lightning-shaped structure is variable and at its narrowest point is 6.9 meters, and above the river it widens to 16.3 meters.

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Main photo source: tvn24.pl / Adam Michejda

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