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Warsaw. Renovation of Koszykowo. Less concrete, more greenery

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There will be more greenery on Koszykowa Street. The concrete slabs will be replaced by plantings of shrubs and perennials. The surroundings at Lindleya, Chałubińskiego and Krzywicki streets will change.

Road workers are starting to remove concrete from Koszykowa Street. This is part of the resolution “Strategy for adaptation to climate change” adopted by the capital's councilors and implemented on Warsaw streets.

“By the beginning of July, over 700 square meters of unnecessary concrete will have been removed from the section between Lindleya and Chałubińskiego Streets. After removing the concrete cubes, we will install new flower beds and decorate them with perennials,” says the Municipal Roads Authority in a press release. Rudbeckias, catmints, verbenas, sedums, sages and gaurs, as well as hollies and roses will appear along the basket.

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Liquidation of concrete on Koszykowa administration of cities roads

Major changes will also take place on the section between Krzywicki and Chałubińskiego streets. There used to be parking spaces there, but since 2013 there have been concrete bollards there on the northern side of the street. The road workers placed them at the request of state authorities, because there is a building of the Military Counterintelligence Service nearby. The concrete will be removed from this place.

“Instead, we will increase the biologically active surface – which will help drain rainwater and combat the heat island phenomenon – and the new greenery will please the eye of passers-by,” ZDM emphasizes.

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There will also be trees

These will not be the last green changes on Koszykowa Street. “We are planning to plant trees in the near future. There will be 14 maple trees along the street, which will form a row. This species constitutes the majority of the trees already growing there,” added the road workers.

The Municipal Roads Authority has planned similar tiling works in other places in Warsaw. Due to the construction of a new bicycle path along Andersa Street, Świętojerska Street will be greened at the expense of unnecessary concrete. More greenery will also appear when Mazowiecka Street is transformed into a two-way street at its intersection with Kredytowa Street. In turn, as part of the participatory budget, Saska Street, between Aleja USA and Zwycięzców Street, will be deconcreted.

Main photo source: administration of cities roads

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