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Warsaw. Renovation of the track on Wólczyńska Street

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The tram turnouts on Wólczyńska Street will undergo renovation. The works will involve changes in the organization of traffic. The first ones from Monday, will cover the intersection with Aspekt street, and the next ones in the middle of the month. Both drivers and passengers of public transport will have to reckon with the difficulties.

Warsaw tram drivers are preparing to repair the turnouts on Wólczyńska Street, at the intersection of Aspekt and Sokratesa Streets. They will carry out their works in parallel with the replacement of the water supply.

Changes from Monday

The Public Transport Authority announced that on Monday, July 3, around 10 p.m., the road crossing through the track at Aspekt Street will be closed. The Wólczyńska roadway will be closed to traffic between Aspekt and Wolumen streets. Exit from these streets to Wólczyńska will be possible only to the left – towards Sokratesa Street or Reymonta Avenue.

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For the purposes of the bus detour, the traffic organization at the intersection of Wólczyńska and Kwitnąca Streets will change.

In addition, on the turning point between the roadways of Aleja Reymonta – halfway between the intersections of Wólczyńska Street with Żeromskiego and Broniewskiego Streets – one direction of traffic will be introduced. Drivers will turn here from Wólczyńska towards Żeromski. On the second carriageway, the extreme left lane from Broniewskiego Street to the turning point will be fenced off.

The detour will lead along Reymonta i Conrada Avenue.

Detour of difficulties on Wólczyńska StreetCity Hall of Warsaw

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Communication on the road

Initially, trams running on Wólczyńska Street will not change their routes – they will run this way until mid-July. Due to the closure of a section of Wólczyńska Street for vehicular traffic, public transport buses will be diverted to detour routes.

Bus line 110 will bypass the difficulties along Reymonta Avenue and Conrada and Kwitnąca Streets. The same, but without entering Kwitnąca Street, buses 116 and N91 will go. Lines N01 and N41 will run along Aleja Reymonta and ul. Kasprowicza. The night N43, only in the direction of Chomiczówka, will go along Conrada Street.

Andersena 02 and Aspekt 01 and 02 stops will not operate.

Bus route changesPublic Transport Authority

Closed in July

In mid-July, it is planned to close the track on the crossing on the road at Aspekt Street. This will cause changes in the timetables of tram lines. After another two weeks – at the beginning of August – works will begin on the crossing at Sokratesa Street. Then drivers will not enter this street from the side of Wólczyńska. The detour is planned along Nocznickiego Street, where by then the surface will be renovated – after the construction of the collector – and two-way traffic will be restored.

All work in the area is expected to be completed by the beginning of the school year.

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