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Warsaw. They are looking for people and memories related to the tenement house at Żelazna 66

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Stripped of plaster, deprived of some balconies, smeared on the ground floor – this is how the capital's conservator of monuments Michał Krasucki describes the tenement house at 66 Żelazna Street. The Mieczysław Weinberg Institute – a composer and resident of the tenement house – received city funding to create a repository of this building and appeals to everyone who knows anything about this building. Photos and stories related to the tenement house will be in one place. The tenement house will have its own website.

Many elements prove that this tenement house “was wonderful” once upon a time.

“The shape of the windows, the decorations of the existing balconies, the extraordinary beauty of ceramic tiles inside. This house must be saved as a souvenir of old Wola and its inhabitants,” Krasucki wrote on social media.

He added that the Mieczysław Weinberg Institute (composer and former resident of this tenement house) received city funding to create a repository of this facility.

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A website dedicated to the tenement house will be created

What exactly does this mean? “Together with Grzegorz Niemczyk from Kamień i co? We save Warsaw's monuments, we will create a website dedicated to Ż66, which will include photos, stories, statements by experts and enthusiasts, as well as the public voice, the voice of residents who are somehow related to it. address,” the Institute explained on its profile.

His employees are looking for any information about this tenement house. “And here comes a request to everyone who is interested in monuments, lived nearby (or maybe even exactly in this tenement house?), spent their childhood in Mirów or had friends/family there. We are looking for individual memories, some grains of history, a few words about the old and the not-so-old days of Żelazna 66” – it was appealed.

The institute also encourages you to become “part of the project and help complete the history of the tenement house with the missing elements.” “Ask your parents or grandparents – sometimes it turns out that playing at the gate or having ice cream in the tenement house on the other side will be a beautiful memory,” they wrote.

Applications can be sent to the Facebook inbox of the Mieczysław Wajnberg Institute, as well as to the e-mail address: institute@instytutwajnberga.org

Main photo source: Mieczysław Weinberg Institute

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