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Warsaw. Will Psia Górka be built-up?

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Residents of Warsaw’s Ursynów are worried that “Psia Górka” will be built over. Their anxiety was aroused by a fence with the inscription “a new investment is being built here”. Local councilors appealed to the mayor of Warsaw to change the provisions of the spatial development study.

“Psia Górka” is a green area in the area of ​​Rosoła and Indiry Gandhi streets, which is currently intended for health services and greenery in the local development plan. However, in the project of a new spatial development study for Warsaw, presented in the capital’s town hall, this area is to be intended for residential development.

Residents were concerned about the fence that appeared in part of the area. A banner with the inscription “New investment is being created here” was hung on it. In red spray someone wrote in capital letters “No permission for this.”

PiS councilor on “plundering green areas for the developer”

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– It is a green area, a biologically active area. According to the local zoning plan, medical services were to be located here. Meanwhile, a new study for Warsaw, which is currently at the laying stage, is to enable another development or rather patho-developer development here – said Mateusz Rojewski, PiS representative and councilor in Ursynów, on Tuesday. – Because how else to call the looting of the green area in the heart of Ursynów for the benefit of the developer. What do you call the provisions of the new study for Warsaw, which will allow the developer to buy another developer in this area at the expense of this beautiful greenery – he added.

He emphasized that it is a recreational area for residents, inhabited by 50 species of birds, with lots of beneficial insects. – Meanwhile, the new study for Warsaw will enable its development – he added. He emphasized that the PiS councilors had written a letter to the mayor of Warsaw, in which they appealed for him to influence and inspire a change in the study and a change in the purpose of this area.

In the letter, the councilors ask who is personally responsible for “to tear out the area from the heart of Ursynów, which is a refuge of flora and fauna, which is a recreational and sports refuge for residents, and to enable another development construction here.

Rojewski appealed to residents to submit comments to the study by residents. – Together we will not allow the patdeweloper. We strongly oppose such a provision in the study for Warsaw, he added.

“Buildings up to 25 meters high can be erected here”

The head of the PiS councilors club in Ursynów, Marcin Szadowiak, emphasized that from the point of view of the residents, not only the infrastructure – buildings – but also the environment in which we live is important. – We ask Mr. Mayor to pay attention to how spatial development plans are formulated and what their purpose is. Not only tall buildings, but also green areas are Ursynów’s calling card. This is a place and a district where you can still function normally now – he added.

– Let’s build with our heads. If places are to be created here for people who want to live here, let them be friendly places where it will be possible to function – said Szadowiak.

Councilor Rojewski said that in the study, the area in question is marked as an area with the function of multi-family housing and service development. – Buildings up to 25 meters high can be erected here. The current local plan does not allow housing here, but someone in the town hall thought that they would cut the greenery, scare away the animals and the developer would come in here – he stressed.

When asked what to do with the fact that these are private areas, he replied that a partial purchase of this area by the city could be considered. – Maybe the president of Warsaw will find money for green areas in the budget – he added.

Fenced area, but the only possible investment in health services

The mayor of Ursynów, Robert Kempa, also referred to the matter, who explained in an interview with PAP that the land that was fenced off by the owner is land that has been provided for health services in the local plan that has been in force for 21 years.

– At the capital’s town hall until September 29, comments are being collected on the draft of a new spatial development and development study. The management of the Ursynów district does not consent to the housing development in this study for this area. Currently, health services are included in the plan and we are of the opinion that it should remain so – he stressed.

– I understand the fears of the residents, because through this fencing a signal was sent to them that this area is private property. Why the owner did it, I don’t know. There is no application for a building permit or application for any investment, he explained. – The only investment that is compliant with the law is the investment in health services – he reminded.

The mayor said that a few years ago, for this area, more in terms of competition – not related to the investor’s plans – a project was prepared by the studio to create a British or American model, a retirement home. – I believe that the reserve of land for such an investment should remain in Ursynów – he assessed.

Two landowners. One wanted the plan rescinded

He explained that there are two owners on the property. In the currently fenced off area, health services are provided for in the development plan, while outside this area – arranged greenery. – And it was the owners of the area closer to Gandhi Street (not those who fenced off) that applied for the repeal of the local plan provision. We were successful here because both the Supreme Administrative Court and the Provincial Administrative Court appealed against this decision – he explained. – We defend this area against revoking the provisions of the local plan – he assured.

He noted that some residents on social media said that the current use is the best, but they are not at all convinced that if a private hospital were built there, it would be less disruptive than housing development.

Main photo source: Mateusz Szmelter / tvnwarszawa.pl

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