Weather for the weekend. Such a Sunday “happens once every 20 years.” Heat will flood all of Poland


It’s going to be a really beautiful weekend. According to meteorologists from the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management, it will be hot across the country on Sunday. In some places, thermometers can reach up to 27 degrees Celsius.

Beautiful and sunny ahead of us Saturday. At the warmest moment of the day, thermometers will show 25 degrees Celsius. The weather will be good for our well-being.

According to meteorologists’ forecasts, it will also get hot on Sunday. In western Poland, the temperature will reach 27 degrees Celsius, and in many other regions of the country it will be above 25 degrees Celsius. The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management emphasized that “such a weather anomaly happens once every 20 years.”

Even 27 degrees in some places

Meteorologists call the exceptionally high temperature values ​​for the second half of September a “positive anomaly”. This year it is so high that IMWM issued a special announcement regarding Sunday.

“Forecasts for September 17 indicate that the maximum temperature values ​​throughout the country will be higher than average. Maximum temperatures exceeding 25 degrees can be expected at 27 stations. The highest TMAX value (27 degrees C) will occur in Sandomierz, Zielona GóraKalisz, RzeszówGorzów Wielkopolski, Leszno and Wrocław,” the release said. “With some simplification, it can be said that such high TMAX values ​​are recorded at these stations on average once every 20 years,” meteorologists emphasized.

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Forecast temperature in the following

“Extremely warm” September

IMWM compared the forecast temperatures to the average from recent years. It turned out that at 83 percent of measuring stations the values ​​of positive anomaly will exceed 6 degrees C on Sunday. Sandomierz it will be as much as 9.1 degrees Celsius.

“The analysis of measurement data from synoptic stations shows that this year’s September can so far be considered an extremely warm month in terms of thermal conditions,” IMWM reported. Meteorologists added that positive anomalies are being recorded across the country, currently estimated at 3.3 degrees Celsius higher than usual. “The lowest temperatures occur, among others, in the south-east (with a value of +2.2 degrees Celsius in Nowy Sącz). In the rest of the country, anomalies exceed 3.0 degrees Celsius,” they said.

The highest anomaly value is recorded in one of the coldest places in Poland, namely Śnieżka. This is 4.8 degrees Celsius higher than the average over the last three decades.

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