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Weather forecast for the next 16 days: two giants will clash

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The frosty high is strengthening in the east, and the low is increasing in the west. What weather can we expect in the new year? Check out the latest 16-day long-term forecast prepared by tvnmeteo.pl presenter Tomasz Wasilewski.

We will end this year and start the new one with weather that has little to do with winter. This is because we are under the influence of a great low that stretches over the North Atlantic and much of Europe. This low moves warm air masses from west to east, which is the cause of high temperatures in most parts of the continent at the turn of December and January.

However, it is worth paying attention to the strengthening frosty high over Russia. Its further expansion, as forecasts predict, may stop warm air masses flowing to the center of Europe and cause a radical change in the weather due to the intrusion of very cold air (see the map).

A warm start to the yeartvnmeteo.pl

Weather forecast for 16 days

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This frosty air will reach eastern Poland in the coming days and there it will be about -5 degrees Celsius during the day, and at night less than -10 degrees Celsius. At the same time, in the west and south of the country it will still be warm with temperatures reaching up to 6-7 degrees Celsius. This situation will last until January 7, and then there will be frosty air throughout the country: in the west, thermometers will indicate a maximum of -2, -1 degrees, and in the east -7, -6 degrees. The night temperature, the minimum, will be much lower at this time and may drop, especially in eastern Poland, to minus a dozen or so degrees.

The next 16-day temperature forecast is next Sunday.

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