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What do Barbie, Beyonce and Taylor Swift have in common?

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Over $1 billion in worldwide revenue, half of which in the United States alone. The cinema hit, which became the movie “Barbie”, is part of the trend of great show business successes, which have recently been supported by women. Other examples are the sold-out tours of singers Beyonce and Taylor Swift.

Women of all ages are drawn to the magic of Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Barbie. Most have a distinctive style. – Women should not be underestimated. Their impact on the economy cannot be underestimated. However, manufacturers have been unable to reach these customers for years, believes Kristina Chiappetta, strategy director at Landor&Fitch.

Successive generations of women share similar experiences. The result of this generational bond has translated into $1 billion in revenue for the Barbie movie and for Beyonce and Taylor Swift’s concert tours. The latter, due to the unflagging interest, increased the number of its autumn concerts.

– The reward for me was watching the emotions of the girls. I remember recording their reactions when they saw Taylor on stage. I will remember these moments forever – recalls Jeanine Richer, a fan of Taylor Swift. – It’s nice to experience together something that carries such a positive message. Such a role model for young people was not always the norm. I hope we’ll see more examples like this,” adds Jennifer Deutsch, a fan of Taylor Swift.

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It was supposed to be not only a toy, but also an inspiration to make dreams come true. Here’s how the world’s most famous doll changedEwelina Witenberg/Fakty po Poludnie TVN24

“I left everything to be here”

Two canceled flights didn’t stop Helen Polise from meeting her daughter Julie in Los Angeles. The woman made it to Taylor Swift’s last concert in the City of Angels. I dropped everything to be here. Despite the difficulties, I managed to get there – says a fan of the artist.

This required a more expensive last-minute plane ticket, concert tickets, special outfits and various accessories. It’s a big expense. – Men go to matches. They also spend a lot of money. It’s never treated as an unnecessary expense, and it’s like a Super Bowl for me,” said Julie Polise, Helen’s daughter.

Julie and Helen also have other plans. During the “girls” weekend, they want to see the movie “Barbie” together at the cinema. – This summer there are many opportunities for women to have fun together. For the first time, women from different generations, like my mother, me or quite young girls, can see their femininity. This emanation of femininity and putting a woman in such a positive light makes us feel happier – says Julie.

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