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Złotniki, Greater Poland. Firefighters rescued three dogs stuck in a drainage pipe. The operation lasted six hours

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Firefighters from Wielkopolska rescued three dogs that entered a drainage pipe and could not get out. The action lasted six hours and was difficult because it was raining heavily. Equipment used to search for people under the rubble was used in the activities to save the animals.

The incident took place on August 1 in the town of Złotniczka. Firefighters from Poznań, but also friends from OSP Węglewo and Pobiedziska were called to rescue three dogs that were trapped in a melioration pipe – two meters underground. The animals had previously escaped from their owner. It is not known how they got stuck in the trap.

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Six hours of action in pouring rain

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“The search and rescue activities consisted in locating 3 dogs that were stuck underground and could not get out on their own. The action was not facilitated by heavy rain and the fact that the drainage channels were located at a depth of about two meters, away from buildings and access roads The actions consisted in marking out the course of the drainage canal in the field, excavating the canal elements in sections, and then checking the inside of the pipes” – firefighters from the Rescue and Fire Fighting Unit No. 4 from Poznań report on social media.

The dogs were rescued after a six-hour operation by firefighters Facebook

The action ended after six hours. It used the equipment used to search for people under the rubble. The recovered animals were handed over to the owner in good condition. The duty officer of the Greater Poland fire brigade told PAP that the dogs were found about 80 meters from the entrance to the drainage system.

Main photo source: JRG 4 Poznań

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