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51 degrees Celsius in the shade. Ambulances were stationed in the streets

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Iran is another country that has experienced alarmingly high temperatures in recent weeks. The first days of August in some places brought values ​​exceeding 50 degrees Celsius. The authorities are concerned about the health of citizens, which is why teams of paramedics appeared on the streets as a preventive measure in some cities.

The people of Iran are struggling with the hellish temperature. This week in the southern city of Ahvaz, thermometers in the shade showed as much as 51 degrees Celsius. On Wednesday in the capital – Tehran – it was close to 40 degrees.

“I’ve never experienced such heat in Tehran,” said Mahmood, the owner of one of the stalls in Tehran’s market.

Non-working days

State media called the current heat wave “unprecedented.” Authorities announced Wednesday and Thursday would be public holidays, and school classes were cancelled. The elderly and the sick have been asked to stay at home.

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The decision to suspend work was not to everyone’s liking.

The government needs to change its approach. Instead of shutting down power plants, it should focus on managing energy production and consumption, said Navabiyan, an engineer.

Government spokesman Ali Bahadori-Jahromi said hospitals would be on high alert just in case. Ambulances have been deployed preventively on the streets of many cities.

– The reason for our presence is the strong heat, which has become exceptional in the last few years. For this reason, the emergency department in Tehran wants to help citizens, noted Ehsan Amraee, a paramedic delegated to provide emergency care on the streets of the capital.

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