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A letter has been revealed in which Marlon Brando breaks up with his girlfriend. “I don’t want to humiliate and humiliate your feelings”

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The letter in which Marlon Brando breaks up with his girlfriend was sent to RR Auction in Boston and sold for eight thousand dollars. “I don’t want to humiliate and humiliate your feelings,” the then twenty-something actor wrote to Solange Podell.

The letter was addressed to Solange Podell, a French woman Marlon Brando dated in the late 1940s. The novice actor at the time wanted to end the relationship with the woman in this way. As noted by CNN, the letter is not lacking in spelling errors, but Brando is trying to politely communicate his decision.

“Please accept this letter with an open heart”

RR Auction indicates that the letter was handwritten in pencil, consists of three pages and does not contain any date. However, it is known that it dates from the late 1940s and that Brando wrote it shortly after he stopped seeing Podell.

Marlon BrandoJohn Kobal Foundation/Getty Images

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“Lest you think I’m a complete boor, I’m writing you this letter to make it clear that due to my erratic, reckless, irresponsible temperament, I don’t want to humiliate and humiliate your feelings by meeting you only when it’s convenient for me,” Brando wrote. .

“Please accept this letter with an open heart as it is written with direct sincerity. I am sorry that I couldn’t have tried harder to be less self-indulgent and thus a little more attuned. My intuitions were flawless but my emotions unfortunately, unstable. I will remember you with affection, respect and appreciation. When we meet in France (perhaps in October), I trust that my behavior will be a bit more mature.”

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Marlon Brando and Solange Podell’s relationship

Podell was a cabaret dancer and actress. She played minor roles in several French films in the early 1940s. On the advice of an American talent scout, she moved to Hollywood, and then moved to New York, where she began attending classes at the Actor’s Studio. In 1947, one night when A Streetcar Named Desire was being shown on Broadway, she was taken backstage to meet the young actor who played Stanley Kowalski. It was Marlon Brando.

Podell and Brando quickly became a couple, but their ambitions and career paths led them in two different directions. After the split, Brando focused on his film career and reprized the role of Stanley Kowalski on the big screen. He won twice Oscar in the category of best actor for his roles in the films “On the Waterfront” and “The Godfather”. Podell took up photography and graduated from photography school before moving to Monaco and becoming the official photographer of the Principality’s Tourism Office. Currently, over 5,000 of her photos, due to their aesthetic and historical value, are kept in the Prince’s Palace in Monaco. Brando died in 2004 and Podell in 2020.

Main photo source: John Kobal Foundation/Getty Images

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