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Bialystok. The dog bit the three-year-old in the face. The child was hospitalized

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A three-year-old boy with facial injuries was taken to a hospital in Białystok (Podlaskie Voivodeship). The boy was bitten by a dog that belonged to his family. According to doctors, the child’s condition is now stable.

The boy was taken to the University Children’s Clinical Hospital in Bialystok on Monday. It was then decided to perform an immediate operation, lasting many hours. The information about the incident was confirmed by the head of the local SOR, Dr. n. med. Witold Olański.

– The child is in a stable condition, his life is not in danger now. He is well cared for, Prof. Ewa Matuszczak from the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University.

As the doctor adds, “such an injury leaves not only permanent physical marks, but also permanent psychological marks.” “These are injuries for life,” he says. The doctor said that the boy underwent facial reconstruction procedures.

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How to avoid the attack? The behaviorist explains

According to TVN24 reporter Marta Abramczyk, the dog that attacked the child was an amstaff belonging to the family.

– Before the dog attacks, it usually sends a series of messages showing that it does not feel comfortable. It could even be simple eye movements, it could be a yawn, a lick, then a freeze. The last step is growling and biting, enumerates Gabriela Lubecka-Cwalińska, a dog behaviorist. He adds that noticing these signals early enough can allow us to avoid an attack.

Main photo source: TVN24 archive

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