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Ukraine-Russia. Special decree in the Zaporizhia region. It's about mobilization

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The London ministry's daily intelligence update said Wednesday, April 17 the pro-Russian governor of the Zaporozhye region issued a decree stating that Russia prepares the necessary infrastructure and means for military conscription in the areas of the oblast occupied by it – it's about 60 percent territory this administrative unit.

Ukraine-Russia. British intelligence: Pro-Russian authorities have issued a mobilization decree

The update pointed out that this first steps towards collection in the temporarily occupied area Ukrainy since his time illegal annexation through Russia in September 2022.

As assessed, it is likely that Russia sees this as a way to meeting the needs of its armed forces to get more troops into the fight, but the effect of the decree will likely be limited given that a significant part of the population of the Zaporozhye Oblast left it.

Given as an example Melitopol – the largest city of the Russian-controlled part of the Zaporizhia Oblast, where only 40 percent left. pre-war population (then about 150,000 people)half of which is ethnic Russianswho were offered a job.

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“The decree is also part of a broader campaign by the Russian authorities in the temporarily occupied territories aimed at forcing the population to accept Russian rule. This dovetails with attempts to ensure that residents have Russian Federation passports and vote in the recent Russian presidential elections. The Kremlin continues to lead ruthless policy of Russification in temporarily occupied territories,” it said.

War in Ukraine. The Kremlin army captured more towns. Kyiv is waiting for US help

The Institute for the Study of War said in its daily update that this was a possible cause dynamic actions of the Russians in this section are direct consequences of the decision of the Ukrainian side withdrawal from this area on Friday.

Analysts from the think-tank assume that the Ukrainians “may have decided “convert space into time” in anticipation of increased aid from overseas, which it will soon reach the front lines. In the evaluation Jake Sullivan, national security adviser at the White House, recently approved American military aid will help Ukraine conduct a counteroffensive in 2025.

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