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Bisztynek. They found a jewelry bag in the car during a roadside check. They didn’t know about the looted safe then

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Pounds, dollars and jewelery with a total value of PLN 570,000 disappeared from the safe in the garage. The bag with some of the lost valuables was found on the same day during a roadside inspection by police officers from Ostróda. At that time, however, they did not yet know about the burglary and theft.

In the evening, on January 20, the Bartoszyce police station received a report of a burglary in a garage on a property in one of the towns in the Bisztynek commune. The contents of the safe were stolen by thieves. Pounds, dollars, and jewelry were gone. The value of losses was estimated at over PLN 570,000. zloty.

On the same day, the uniformed officers from Ostróda, during a roadside inspection, stopped a car in which a bag with jewelry was found.

– The man with the valuables was unable to rationally explain its origin and prove that it was his property. The policemen secured the jewelry, and the man – a resident of Olsztyn – was questioned and released. At that time, no one knew about the crime that took place in the Bartoszyce district – explains asp. Marta Kabelis, press officer of the police chief in Bartoszyce.

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The police put the facts together

After combining the facts, on Saturday, officers from Bartoszyce supported by criminals from the Provincial Police Headquarters in Olsztyn detained four men who turned out to be residents of Olsztyn and the Bartoszyce district.

Pounds, dollars and jewelry worth 570,000 disappeared from a safe hidden in a garage.  zloty.  The bag with some of the lost valuables was revealed on the same day by uniforms from Ostróda during a roadside inspection.  After combining the facts, the police reached four suspects.  Two of them were charged.

Officers arrested four suspectsKPP Bartoszyce

A search of the house of one of them led to the discovery of some of the stolen money.

– The evidence collected in this case finally allowed two men, aged 20 and 35, to be charged with burglary. The younger of the detainees pleaded guilty to the charges against him – emphasizes Asp. cable.

The suspects face up to 10 years in prison.

Main photo source: KPP Bartoszyce

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