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Brazil. After the downpours, caimans flooded the streets. They hinder the rescue operation

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Rio de Janeiro was hit by heavy rains on Tuesday. Streets in the western and northern parts of the city filled with water and at least six people lost their lives as a result of the element. A rescue operation is underway, but the actions are hampered by caimans that prowl the flooded streets.

On Tuesday afternoon and evening, the Rio de Janeiro area was hit by heavy rains. At least six people were killed in the storm, local media reported.

Caymans in the streets

Reporting the effects of the cataclysm, residents of the Brazilian state posted recordings online showing caimans swimming on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. Firefighters participating in the rescue operation confirmed that in order to safely evacuate the population, it was necessary to capture several specimens of these predatory animals.

Another task of firefighters is to free drivers of vehicles that have sunk in potholes caused by heavy rainfall, as well as to extract their cars from numerous potholes on the road. By Thursday morning, rescuers had managed to reach about 40 cars trapped in Rio de Janeiro, and the operation continues.

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In an interview with the portal O Dia, a resident of the Curicica district said that he saw animals crossing the street where he lives. Due to the amount of water, it turned into a river.

‘Here in this region (…) it’s normal to see caimans even when it’s not raining, but there’s always this fear, especially during floods,’ he explained.

Main photo source: Rj Informe News/Twitter

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