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Buried. PiS will no longer rule in the Tatra district and the city

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Although Law and Justice won the most seats in the Tatra County Council, it will not govern it. The new majority was created by Dla Podhale and Jedność Tatrzańska. Andrzej Skupień became the new staroste. PiS also lost power in Zakopane itself.

Until recently, Zakopane and Podhale were considered the bastions of Law and Justice. But that's a thing of the past. First, Jarosław Kaczyński's party lost its independent majority in the Zakopane city council. Instead of 11 councilors, they now have eight.

April 21 Łukasz Filipowicz became the new mayor of Zakopanewho defeated Agnieszka Nowak-Gąsienica from PiS in the second round.

Now it turned out that the new majority in the city council was created by the Dla Podhala and Przyjazne Zakopane clubs.

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PiS's pyrrhic victory

After almost ten years, PiS also loses the Tatra district. They no longer have their own starosta, and the new district board does not include any PiS representative, although this party has 9 out of 19 seats. The new majority was created by Dla Podhala and Jedność Tatrzańska, which together have 10 councilors.

Agata Wojtowicz became the new chairman of the district council. This position was held for the first time by a woman.

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The new chairwoman of the Tatra County Councilfacebook.com/tatrzanski

PiS has only one vice-chairman, Marta Nędza-Kubiniec.

“We will end this period full of tension”

Andrzej Skupień (Tatra Unity) became the new staroste of the Tatra Mountains. He is the former president of the Main Board of the Podhale People's Association, deputy starosta of the Tatra Mountains, and currently deputy director of the Tatra Museum.

Only PiS councilors voted for his opponent, the current staroste Piotr Bąk.

“I will try to draw on the achievements and experiences of my outstanding predecessors: Andrzej Gąsienica-Makowski and Piotr Bąk. Each of them was a slightly different starosta of the Tatra Mountains, but both contributed a lot of good. The way the office and its units look like today, I think we can everyone should be satisfied. Of course, there are problems and they will have to be dealt with. With such a council composed of experienced and competent people – no one was here by accident – we will end this period full of tension and we will start calmly building our Tatra district – he said during session, the new starosta of the Tatra Mountains.

Staroste Andrzej Skupieńfacebook.com/tatrzanski

Wawrzyniec Bystrzycki (For Podhale) was also elected deputy starosta. The Tatra County Board included Bogusław Stępień, Wiesław Lenard (both Jedność Tatrzańska) and Paweł Para (For Podhale).

Main photo source: facebook.com/tatrzanski

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