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Canada. The reporter collapsed on the air during a live report

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Canadian CTV Television Network reporter Jessica Robb felt ill on television during the Sunday newscast. It looked like she was about to faint. The day after a clip of the show began circulating on social media, both the station and Robb herself addressed the events.

In the recording shared on the Internet, Jessica Robb struggles with conducting the report. The reporter has trouble expressing herself, she starts repeating herself. A moment later, Naherman Issie tells the host that “I don’t feel very well and soon…” – . However, she is unable to finish the sentence, and her condition is clearly deteriorating. Robb’s eyes begin to roll uncontrollably, her face turns pale, and she begins to lose her balance. At this point, the broadcast returns to the studio.

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The news anchor assures viewers that the reporter is not alone and that she will be given appropriate help. “We’ll make sure Jessica is okay and give you an update on events later,” Issa adds.

Statement from the station and Robb

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On January 9, CTV reported on Twitter that “Jessica Robb is feeling better now and is resting.” The content of the short entry also included thanks to everyone who showed interest in the reporter’s health.

The day after the incident, Jessica Robb posted her own statement on the CTV profile. “Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me with supportive messages (…). I am overwhelmed. While I can’t relate to all the messages, please know that I have seen them all and appreciate each and every one of them,” Robb thanked viewers for their concern.

In the further part of the message, she also referred to rumors circulating in social media about the alleged cause of fainting. “I have received an overwhelming amount of harassment and hate mail, linked to fake news, about the cause of the incident,” the reporter noted. According to some users, her condition was due to her earlier intake of three doses of the vaccine against COVID-19. In response, Robb said that while she did not intend to publicly share details of her medical history, she could confirm that “the situation was in no way related to the COVID-19 vaccine.”

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