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Saturday, October 23, 2021



Coronavirus in Poland. Wietrzychowice. School management in quarantine, children will learn remotely

Primary school students in Wietrzychowice (Małopolskie Voivodeship) will not go to lessons on September 1 - instead they will open their laptops. ...

Coronavirus and Back to School. The Mayor of Sopot Jacek Karnowski on the decisions of the Ministry of National Education and Minister Piontkowski

I am surprised that the government does not take into account the opinion of experts who say that some classes should start hybrid...

Protests in Belarus. Coordination Council against the formation of armed groups in Russia for use in Belarus

It is unacceptable to create forces in Russia to use them on Belarusian territory, the opposition Belarus Coordinating Council said on Thursday, referring...

Coronavirus in Poland. Rafako announces group layoffs

Rafako plans to restructure employment and tentatively estimates that the group layoffs will affect up to 400 employees, the company said in a...

Belarus. Andrzej Zaucha, “Fakt” correspondent, detained by the Belarusian militia. Recording and report of the detention

A few undercover guards approached us. They said we should go with them. They did not introduce themselves, they were masked,...

Returning students to school. Marzena Machałek, Deputy Minister of Education, about red and yellow zones and possible distance learning

I would easily send my children and grandchildren to school. Contact with peers and teachers is very important, very necessary, necessary -...
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