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Celine Dion – a rare disease The singer talks about her fight

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Canadian singer Celion Dion appeared on the cover of French “Vogue” and gave a touching interview to the magazine. The artist, who suspended her concerts in 2022 due to a rare disease – the so-called stiff man syndrome – talked about what her life and therapy are like now. She said she still hopes to return to performing.

“I have two options to choose from. Either I will train like an athlete and work very hard, or I will switch off and that will be the end – I will stay at home, listen to my songs, stand in front of the mirror and sing to myself,” the artist said in an interview with the French edition of Vogue magazine.

She immediately added that she chose the first option.

“I will work with my whole body and spirit, from head to toe, with my medical team – emphasized Dion. – I want to be in the best shape possible, as possible today. My goal is to see the Eiffel Tower again!”

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Waiting for a miracle

The singer admitted that the strength to fight this very rare neurological disease – the so-called stiff person syndrome (Moersch-Woltmann syndrome) – she gives her the love of her family, children, fans and the team supporting her in her fight. She said that five days a week she undergoes “sports and vocal therapy”, the aim of which is not only to counteract the effects of the disease, but also to stop its further development.

“I'm working on my fingers, knees, calves, but also on my singing and voice. (…) I know that I have to learn to live with it and stop asking myself questions. At the beginning, I kept asking myself: 'Why me?' How did this happen? What did I do wrong and is it my fault?

Now, as the singer said, her attitude is much more positive. This was evidenced by a joke by the artist, who noticed that she did not manage to get on the cover of “Vogue” when she was a healthy and beautiful 30-year-old, so she is glad that now she has been given a space that allows her to “reveal her beauty.” “.

When the magazine journalist commented: “You will probably return to concerts soon?”, the singer realistically noted that she could not answer this question yet. However, she added that if such opportunities arise, “her body will definitely tell her.”

“I hope that a miracle will happen – I believe that over time, medicine will find a way to cure this disease, with the help of scientific research. For now, however, I have to work hard,” she added.

Celine Dion during one of her concert tours years agoTom Rose/Shutterstock

Generalized stiffness syndrome – the so-called stiff man syndrome

At the end of the conversation, the artist emphasized that she was grateful for the opportunity to fight the disease she suffers from.

“People suffering from stiff person syndrome are not so lucky and do not have the means to employ really good doctors and for good treatment – she said. – I have these means, and this is a gift. What's more, I have strength in me. I know that “Nothing will stop me from continuing the fight,” she assured.

Céline Dion's disease is commonly called “stiff person syndrome” – from the English name – Stiff Person Syndrome. Medicine calls it generalized stiffness syndrome – Moersch-Woltmann syndromenamed after Frederick Moersch and Henry Woltmann of the Mayo Clinic, who first described it in 1956.

It is a rare autoimmune and neurological disease. It affects one in a million people and its main symptoms are stiffness of the trunk and limbs and episodes of severe muscle spasms. These contractions can be caused by external factors – such as noise, but also by strong emotions. Almost always, at a later stage, the disease causes difficulties in moving.

Currently, generalized stiffness syndrome is still an incurable disease.

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Main photo source: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

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