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Cracow. Collision of Jerzy S., the prosecutor’s office wants a stricter penalty for causing a threat

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The Krakow prosecutor’s office demands an increase in the penalty for Jerzy S. for causing a threat to land traffic. It is about an event from October last year, when the actor – intoxicated – caused a collision with a motorcyclist in Krakow. The court imposed a fine of PLN 3,000 on him. According to Radio ZET, the prosecutor’s office raised an objection, “alleging the gross incommensurability of the fine imposed on the accused”.

The case of a road accident involving Jerzy S. – an actor who in October 2022, while intoxicated, caused a collision with a motorcyclist is back. The man is due to appear before the court again after the District Court for Kraków-Krowodrza issued a warrant in March found him guilty of endangering road safety and fined him three thousand zlotys.

Collision of Jerzy S. The prosecutor’s office wants a harsher punishment

Prosecutors have now said they will seek a tougher sentence. – The prosecutor’s office objected, raising the allegation of gross disproportionate fine imposed on the accused and demanding that the case be examined on general principles. Here, it was considered that this penalty is too liberal, said spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Krakow, Janusz Hnatko, on Radio ZET.

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George SLukasz Gagulski/PAP

The police filed a motion to the court to punish Jerzy S. for causing a traffic hazard on March 1.

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They want a tougher sentence in the second trial as well

Krakow prosecutor’s office also demands – in a separate case concerning this incident – a higher penalty for Jerzy S. for driving while intoxicated. Investigators propose a fine of PLN 45,000 and a payment of PLN 25,000 to the Victims’ Assistance and Post-penitentiary Assistance Fund.

This is more than the punishment that the court ordered. In early March, Jerzy S. was banned from driving for three years, fined PLN 12,000 and ordered to pay PLN 6,000 to the Victims’ Assistance and Post-penitentiary Assistance Fund.

Main photo source: Lukasz Gagulski/PAP

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