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Cracow. Operation of the Border Guard on the A4 motorway. 33 foreigners detained

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The border guard on the A4 motorway near Kraków checked three cars with German registration numbers. They were used by 33 foreigners, including several children. According to the Border Guard, most of them declared Syrian citizenship. They were all detained.

Spokesman for the commander of the Carpathian Border Guard Unit, Major Dorota Kądziołka, told PAP that the actions carried out in the area of ​​the Skawiński junction and toll gates in Balice were dynamic, but without a chase.

Border guards from Krakow checked three cars with German registration numbers. In addition to the three Syrian drivers, a total of 30 people, including several children, were traveling in them. Most of them declared Syrian citizenship.

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– The detained persons were transported to the border guard post in Krakow, where the officers will take action to confirm their identity and citizenship. The circumstances of the incident and the route of their travel will also be determined, the spokeswoman said. Subsequently, administrative procedures related to illegal migration will be conducted against the detainees.

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Difficulties on the A4 motorway

As the duty officer of the Krakow branch of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways reported, the actions of the border guards slowed down traffic on the motorway bypass of Krakow, as drivers slowed down and observed the event. The congestion on both carriageways of the motorway was up to several kilometers long.

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