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Scandal in Germany. The Greens were supposed to hide their expertise on the nuclear power plant

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Reports sparked controversy around the topic Germanthe magazine “Cicero”. In March 2022, just after the invasion Russia already Ukrainethe ministries of economy and environment ignored expert opinions indicating that it may be justified to temporarily extend the operation of the last active nuclear power plants in the country – claim the newspaper's journalists, citing internal documents of both ministries obtained through court.

Scandal in Germany. The Greens were to hide their expertise on nuclear power plants

According to “Cicero” Habeck's position was contrary to the opinions of expertswho claimed that nuclear energy can help reduce gas consumption and avoid an energy crisis. Both ministries deny the newspaper's reports. On Friday, during special meetings of the Environment and Economy Committee in the Bundestag Habeck i Lemke (both from the Green Party) defended the decision to phase out Germany from nuclear energy on a schedule set before the Russian invasion.

Habeck emphasized that his ministry analyzed the possibility of extending the operation of nuclear power plants at a very early stage. He argued that talks with nuclear power plant operators were key to the decision-making process. The Ministry of Economy also noted that “very high costs and safety risks” weighed against extending the plant's operational life.

Germany: Nuclear energy. The opposition demands explanations

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The Minister of the Environment spoke in a similar tone. Lemke noted that her ministry presented all events in a “transparent and understandable” way. Experts' opinions were – according to her – “at all times focused on the nuclear security of our country.”

Politicians of the opposition Christian Democrats (CDU/CSU) announced that they wanted to continue the debate and clarify the matter. – There is still a reasonable suspicion that Habeck's ministry did something contrary to what the minister publicly announced. Distorting facts instead of open analysis, he said Andreas Jungrepresentative of the Christian Democrats for energy and climate protection.

– There is a growing suspicion that the decision to withdraw (the country) from nuclear energy was not made openly (based on a transparent decision-making process – ed.), but was predetermined. People were deceived – said the CSU MP Andreas Lenz.

The end of nuclear power in Germany

The last three German nuclear power plants – Delivery 2 (in Bavaria), Emsland (in Lower Saxony) i Neckarwestheim 2 (in Baden-Württemberg) – were to be disconnected from the network as planned at the turn of 2022-2023. It finally happened on April 15, 2023.

The decision to move Germany away from nuclear energy was made in 2011 by the then chancellor Angela Merkel. This happened after an accident at a nuclear power plant Fukushima w Japan. Critics of the move away from nuclear energy among our western neighbors point out that it will lead to an increase in CO2 emissions. They argue that the missing energy must be produced by coal-fired power plants.

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