Cracow. The conservator of monuments confirmed the possibility of building a metro station


The Małopolska conservator of monuments decided that a metro station could be built near the Planty Park in Krakow. Officials announce that the environmental decision for the first stage of the metro may be issued this summer.

The station, approved by the Office of the Małopolska Conservator of Monuments, is to be built at the intersection of Karmelicka, Podwale and Dunajewskiego streets. The city hall announced the conservator's decision on Friday.

According to the office, if nothing stands in the way, the city will receive an environmental decision for the underground railway during the summer holidays. “This will allow us to launch a tender for design documentation and then to start construction,” the office said.

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Metro in Krakow

Premetro in Krakow is to connect Wzgórza Krzesławickie with the area of ​​ul. Jasnogórska in Bronowice. According to the assumptions, its 22-kilometer route will run partly through tunnels and partly through an overpass, stopping at a total of 32 stations.

The city authorities were obliged to consider the possibility of building a metro in Krakow as a result of a referendum that was organized in parallel with the European Parliament elections in 2014. In the referendum, Krakow residents answered four questions. One of them concerned the construction of the metro and was accepted by residents (55.11% yes).

The so-called premetro is a cheaper form of collision-free rail transport than the traditional metro. It runs partly underground and partly above the surface on flyovers. It uses smaller tram cars, often guided automatically, without human intervention, and smaller stations.

Main photo source: Kraków PL / Facebook / Jan Graczyński

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