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Dariusz Klimczak about CPK. Central Communication Port – Minister of Infrastructure on the construction of a new airport in Poland

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I would like to reassure all those who are worried about the Central Communication Port project, please do not worry about this project – said Minister of Infrastructure Dariusz Klimczak in “Rozmowa Piaseckiego”. As he pointed out, “we should break ground on a new airport next year.”

Dariusz Klimczak assured that the CPK project will be continued. – I would like to reassure all those who are worried about the CPK project, which is only an element of transport policy in Poland, do not worry about this project. I believe that we should build a high-speed railway, we should provide transport opportunities by strengthening carriers, both air and rail, and we should break ground on a new airport next year, said the Minister of Infrastructure.

– But until then, traffic needs to be strengthened and this airport needs to be able to operate – added the guest of “Rozmowa Piaseckiego”.

Minister of Infrastructure about CPK

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A bridging solution is the expansion of Warsaw Chopin Airport. Representatives of Polish Airports have recently announced the reconstruction of the terminal and parking aprons at the capital's airport. The investment, estimated at PLN 2.4 billion, is expected to enable the Warsaw airport to serve 30 million passengers annually by mid-2029.

Klimczak pointed out that other ports would also be expanded. – Many airports in Poland are being strengthened, Balice is being expanded, there will be a new runway, Katowice is being expanded, even Goleniów is being strengthened – said the guest of “Piasecki's Rozmowa”.

The minister emphasized that “if we want to ensure the good functioning of the CPK so that it does not turn out to be another Radom, we must strengthen the traffic.” – There must be more traffic at Okęcie, in Modlin, throughout Poland, because all this serves to make the airport in the center of Poland very large, so that it can earn money, so that it all makes sense – explained Dariusz Klimczak.

The head of MI was asked by Konrad Piasecki whether the Chopin Airport in Warsaw would be closed with the arrival of the new central airport. – This is a question for those people who are directly responsible for the airport today. Today I cannot go beyond my competences. I am not responsible for CPK yet – replied Klimczak.

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