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Easter 2024. Norway. There are no eggs in stores

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In Norway, the media reported on Thursday that there were no eggs in stores. The shortages are said to be due to reduced production in Europe due to poultry diseases and increased Norwegian exports, which have become profitable as the value of the krone has fallen.

Journalists of the “VG” newspaper visited several grocery stores in Oslo before Easter; Most of them, instead of pallets of eggs, found empty shelves and cards informing about problems with deliveries. In some places where eggs could still be purchased, limits of three packages per family were introduced.

To Sweden for shopping

“We are used to problems with eggs before Easter, but it hasn't been this bad for a long time,” notes “VG”.

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Many Norwegians living near the border went shopping to neighboring Sweden, but there were also shortages of eggs in the border towns.

They were supposed to be healthier, they contain more poisonous substances

Before this year's holidays, Swedes are less willing to buy eggs described as organic after the “Rad och Ron” newspaper published research results proving that these theoretically healthier, but at the same time more expensive products contain more substances that are poisonous to health than their regular counterparts.

Dioxins, PCBs and PFAS were detected in organic eggs, but their levels, although high, did not exceed the standards set by the EU. However, it was recommended that young children should not eat large amounts of organic eggs.

According to “Rad och Ron”, the reason for the higher amount of poisons in organic eggs is that farmers feed their hens with fishmeal.

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