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Elections to the European Parliament, three ministers from KO are running. Borys Budka: we placed ourselves at the prime minister's disposal

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We have put ourselves at the Prime Minister's disposal, said the Minister of State Assets, Borys Budka, on Friday on TVP Info. He and two other ministers in Donald Tusk's government will run for election to the European Parliament. Budka emphasized that they will perform their current functions until May 10, when the government is to be reconstituted. In his opinion, PiS letters to the European Parliament will be “lists of convicts”.

On Wednesday, the PO National Council approved the lists of the Civic Coalition for the European Parliament elections. There were also members of Donald Tusk's government. The Minister of State Assets, Borys Budka, became number one on the Silesian list. The head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, Marcin Kierwiński, will start from the first place on the list in the district covering Warsaw and eight districts around Warsaw. Minister of Culture and National Heritage Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz will be KO's “number one” to the European Parliament in the province. Świętokrzyskie and Lesser Poland.

From ministries to the European Parliament. The Civic Coalition presents candidatesTVN24

“We have put ourselves at the disposal of the Prime Minister”

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Borys Budka was asked on TVP Info whether he resigned in connection with running in the European Parliament elections

– We placed ourselves at the Prime Minister's disposal – he replied. – The Prime Minister said that the reconstruction will take place on May 10 (ed.). We are still performing our duties. There are still a few important issues ahead of us in the ministries. The decision on resignations is made by the boss, i.e. in this case the Prime Minister, he noted.

When asked whether Minister Sienkiewicz, who immediately after the announcement of the KO list to the European Parliament announced on social media that he submitted his resignation from the position of minister to Prime Minister Donald Tusk, was ahead of the curve, Budka replied that “a resignation occurs when the Prime Minister submits a request to the president to dismiss the minister. – This will happen together – he announced.

– The reconstruction of the government will take place on one date, so it does not matter whether someone resigns today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, because the Prime Minister decides when it will take place. We are all at the Prime Minister's disposal. And if only he had decided earlier, these resignations would have been submitted earlier, Budka said.

Donald Tusk and Borys Budka PAP

“Everything is possible”

– The Prime Minister himself decides who will replace us – he said when asked who would take over management of the three ministries.

When asked whether it was possible to combine ministries due to the government reconstruction, he admitted that “everything is possible.” – The Prime Minister evaluates the work of individual ministers and decides when a change is needed, Budka said.

As he said, “as far as the Ministry of Industry is concerned, it is based in Katowice, in accordance with our declaration, so it would be difficult to reverse it here,” he said.

He assured that the Ministry of State Assets will remain in the hands of the Civic Coalition.

A booth about the PiS “list of convicts”.

Budka was also asked about the former head of Orlen, Daniel Obajtek, running in the European Parliament elections. In his opinion, PiS letters to the European Parliament will be “lists of convicts”. “Sending Mr Obajtek to the European Parliament – a man who will be responsible for major irregularities in Orlen – is an aberration, it is the pinnacle of everything,” he said.

“Unless Obajtek has so much knowledge and has done so many 'good things' for PiS activists (…) that Kaczyński is afraid of him. Because if Obajtek starts to find out who gave him these people, it may turn out that “It was not his decision, but the decision of the highest party activists,” he said.

According to Budka, Daniel Obajtek “had a golden umbrella from Kaczyński.” “There was a famous binder with biographies in Orlen (…). There really is a lot to show and I think that many leading PiS activists may be afraid of it,” he said.

Asked when the fuel price will drop to PLN 5.19, Budka assured that “when the international situation calms down, prices will drop.” “Then it will be possible to sort it out (…). I hope that fuel will soon drop below PLN 6, and as far as I know, some specific actions by Orlen will take place soon,” he announced.

At the same time, he noted that the minister should not interfere in the politics of a listed company. “Orlen will communicate all decisions independently,” he said.

Main photo source: Paweł Supernak/PAP

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