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Farmers' protests at the border. The Ukrainian ambassador to Poland appeals: do not believe myths

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Don't believe the myths that Ukrainian grain is still flooding the Polish market – wrote the Ukrainian ambassador to Poland, Vasyl Zwarycz. He appealed on social media to farmers who are blocking border crossings.

Ukrainian ambassador to Poland Wasyl Zwarycz appealed on social media “to those organizations of Polish farmers that continue to block freight traffic on sections of roads to individual border crossings with Ukraine, in particular in Medyka, Korczowa, Dorohusk and Hrebenny.”

“Please hear the voice of your native Polish government if you still do not hear how Russian missiles are exploding in Ukraine, how they are mourning those who died as a result of Russian terrorist attacks on residential buildings, how the enemy is destroying critical infrastructure and the entire economy of war-torn Ukraine.” – he called. “The Government of the Republic of Poland understands and supports you, makes important decisions that help solve your urgent needs. It seems that there is probably no more privileged economic class in Poland today than farmers,” he added.

As he wrote, “the Polish government has created the opportunity for the state to receive subsidies and direct payments.” “In the EU institutions, the Polish government managed to revise the provisions of the 'Green Deal' and convince other EU countries to apply certain restrictions on trade with Ukraine, which will come into force from June. Thanks to the actions of the Polish government, the EU will soon actually stop importing agricultural products from Russia and Belarus. This will open up new opportunities for selling your Polish products in EU countries,” Zwarycz emphasized.

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Zwarycz to farmers: don't believe myths

“Do not believe the myths that Ukrainian grain is still flooding the Polish market,” urged the Ukrainian ambassador. “Since April last year, Ukraine has not sold wheat, corn, rapeseed and sunflower to Poland. There is a unilateral embargo on grain imports from Ukraine, extended by the Polish government. Transit through Polish territory is also practically limited to a minimum, and will soon expire because there are alternative routes bypassing Poland. And do not believe the myths that the transit of Ukrainian grain through Poland causes problems for you. The transit goods do not remain in Poland. Polish ports are only 60 percent loaded and you have every opportunity to export grain through your ports.

“The Polish services have strengthened control over the quality of products from Ukraine. Although we have many questions why, among a large number of non-EU goods, such a scrupulous approach is only applied to Ukrainian goods, we do not protest because we understand the commitment with which the Polish government is trying to protect your interests ” – he wrote.

Ambassador of Ukraine Vasyl ZvarychPaweł Supernak/PAP/EPA

“Finally, please believe that further blocking of the border with Ukraine is not only groundless, but also harmful to the Polish economy, without the development of which the possibilities of supporting you with additional subsidies will decrease,” he added.

Zwarycz: our victory is a guarantee

Zwarycz asked for an end to the blockade of the border with Ukraine. “Return to your families and to your professional activity, which we in Ukraine have always held in special respect. We have a common European future ahead of us. We must jointly use the potential of cooperation and partnership for the good of our present and future generations,” he pointed out.

“Help Ukraine survive, defend itself and you against the Russian aggressor. Our victory is a guarantee that Russian dirty shoes will never enter your house, and in Poland you will never hear the sounds of explosions of Russian missiles and crying for those who died in the war,” he concluded.

Protesting farmers oppose the Green Deal, the import of agri-food products from Ukraine, restrictions on animal breeding in Poland and the “dramatic situation” in agriculture. They want compensation and support.


Main photo source: Wojtek Jargiło/PAP

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