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Grants from the National Freedom Institute for institutions related to people in power. Comments

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Subsidies granted by the National Institute of Freedom go mainly to organizations, foundations and associations associated with the government, according to an analysis conducted by OKO.press journalists. In a statement sent to journalists, NIW argues that the regulations of its competitions do not favor anyone. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

Millions of zlotys, hundreds of non-governmental organizations and one institute. OKO.press journalists carefully analyzed the list of NGOs that could count on an injection of cash from the National Freedom Institute (NIW) as part of the last edition of the civil organization development program.

– The Institute was created to subsidize civic organizations, and the fact that it subsidizes those related to the authorities is, according to the Institute, pure coincidence, because the point is for civil society to develop in all its colors – says Maria Pankowska from OKO .press.

Subsidies for institutions related to people in power

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The National Institute of Freedom allocated PLN 68 million for the Civil Organizations Development Programme. 248 entities out of over 1,700 applicants will receive the money.

Subsidies for PiS-related organizations awarded by the National Freedom InstituteTVN facts

The Przemyśl Cultural Society, founded by Marek Kuchciński, can count on support in the amount of PLN 352,000. The former Marshal of the Sejm resigned from managing the organization in October 2022, when he became the head of the Prime Minister’s Office. However, the Society still operates in Podkarpacie, from which MP Kuchciński was elected to the Sejm.

170 thousand zlotys will go to the Polska Wielki Projekt Foundation, this time for “Expansion of think tank activities”. He sits on its program council Piotr Glinskiwho, as the Minister of Culture, supervises the Freedom Institute.

Piotr GlinskiBartłomiej Zborowski/PAP

139 thousand PLN is to go to the account of the Foundation for Gdańsk and Pomerania, which runs the Gdańsk Strefa Prestiżu portal, which is critical of the presidency Aleksandra Dulkiewicz. Kacper Płażyński has been a member of the foundation’s council since 2019 PiS MP.

There are many examples of organizations directly or indirectly connected with MEPs, MPs, MPs’ assistants or councilors of Law and Justice and people supporting the ruling party.

– Another edition and further funding for non-governmental organizations, whose non-governmental nature can be seriously doubted – says Krzysztof Jakubowski from the Watchdog Polska Civic Network.

Statement by the National Freedom Institute

In a statement sent to journalists, the National Institute of Freedom argues that the regulations of its competitions do not favor any organizations, and external experts take part in the judging, although the law does not require it.

“We support various social initiatives, striving for sustainable development of the third sector and taking into account all those who are present in it, regardless of political sympathies, religious beliefs and worldview” – says NIW.

“Among this year’s beneficiaries of PROO (Civic Organizations Development Program – ed.) are, among others: Association of Beekeeping Supporters Our Pszczoły, Jacek Kuroń Food Bank Szczecin Foundation, Beskidy Local Tourist Organization, Dudziarz.eu Foundation – Wielkopolskie Kapele Dudziarskie” – enumerates the institute.

Experts on subsidies from the National Freedom Institute

For five years, NIW has allocated over PLN 1 billion to finance the third sector. This is a gigantic sum of public money. It is intended to support small organizations, even those with a short history. This is the case this time as well, with the funds set up in 2022 by the activists of Law and Justice. The Institute also appreciates the activities of national organizations, including those associated with Robert Bąkiewicz.

– In the top ten organizations that have received the most funds from NIV in recent years, all of them are directly or indirectly related to one political party – says Krzysztof Jakubowski.

– I wonder which of us are second-class citizens, not because we vote for a party or not, but because we do not have access to public goods that the authorities manage. And here is the question, whether for yourself or for your purpose or for some other purpose – says the president of Association 61 Róża Rzeplińska.

Politicians on the activities of the National Institute of Freedom

Nobody is talking about breaking the law, but the question of ethical issues is open, especially in an election year. – This is why all these institutes, foundations, funds with beautiful sounding names were created, to pump public money into the pockets of activists and supporters of Law and Justice – assesses Krzysztof Śmiszek from Nowa Lewica.

– This is a transfer belt for extracting money for NGOs, which during the campaign period will be very grateful for these favors. They will organize meetings with PiS politicians to give them an opportunity to show themselves, predicts Arkadiusz Myrch from Platforma Obywatelska.

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