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Greece, Türkiye, Canary Islands. How much are holidays in 2023 with a travel agency?

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Greece, Turkey, the Canary Islands – these three foreign destinations have been extremely popular among Poles for years as a holiday destination with a travel agency. How much do you have to pay? We checked the offers of the largest travel agencies, some prices can surprise, but there will be something for every budget.

Holidays in Greece

All prices include PLN 15 contributions to the Tourist Assistance Fund and the Tourist Guarantee Fund.

Let’s start with the cheapest option for a holiday trip with a travel agency. For those who want to have the issue of organizing their stay on site with sightseeing on their own.

For a price from PLN 1,598 to PLN 1,900 per person, we can rent rooms in small, charming guesthouses with a “home atmosphere” in Lesvos, Crete or Corfu. Without meals, but with a swimming pool, often with a Polish resident. In the vicinity of each of them there is a beach, bars and restaurants, as well as convenient communication with larger urban centers. No hustle and bustle, a bit closer to people.

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If we want to be fully taken care of, not to worry about food, then we can pick and choose from the offers of resorts and elegant hotels. The price spread is considerable, from PLN 2,253 to PLN 5,729 per person. The final bill depends on the length of stay or the number of stars of the facility we choose. For example, an 8-day stay in a 4.5-star hotel in Corfu in early July costs PLN 7,998 for a couple. If we have a smaller budget, then 4 days in Crete in a 3.5-star hotel with the all inclusive option will cost a couple PLN 5,078 (beginning of July) or PLN 5,218 (end of August).

Greek island of KosShutterstock

It is worth mentioning Zakynthos, which already appears in Homer’s “Iliad”, named after Zakynthus, son of the mythological king of Arcadia, Dardanos. There are a lot of offers for a slightly longer stay. At the beginning of July, we can, for example, spend 6 days in a five-star all inclusive hotel for the price of PLN 7,198 for a couple. Departure at a later date is associated with a slightly higher expense. At the turn of July and August, 8 days in a hotel with 3.5 stars, all inclusive, costs PLN 7,398. If we want to save, we can go at the end of August. Then an 8-day stay in a 3-star facility will cost PLN 5,018. Much cheaper, but it only offers breakfast.

In the case of proposals for families with two children, we can pay from PLN 2,253 per person for 4 days at the beginning of July, in Crete, in a 4-star all inclusive facility, to even PLN 5,689 for 5 days at the turn of July and August for a stay in a 5-star hotel (all inclusive) on Zakynthos.

It is also worth going to Zakynthos for longer, where a 6-day all-inclusive stay in a 5-star facility is available for PLN 3,599.

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Türkiye. Even 12,000 PLN per person

If we want to visit Turkeythen an interesting solution may be the offer of an 8-day stay for PLN 2,439 per person with a cruise on the Bosphorus, on the route of which you can see numerous monuments from the Unesco list.

If we prefer a stationary stay, in the privacy of the hotel, it will cost us from PLN 1,755 to even … PLN 12,581 per person. This first offer, at the beginning of July, is 7 nights in a 4-star hotel, half board, located about 50 meters from the beach. And what will we get for over 12 thousand. PLN per person? Also 7 nights in a hotel that has “premium” in its name, located near a sandy private bay, in the middle of a pine forest. Guests can use the large sports facilities (gym, diving, windsurfing). All-inclusive meals, also in most of the 6 restaurants and bars located in the facility.

Türkiye attracts many tourists from PolandShutterstock

what’s in between? from PLN 2,499 to PLN 4,119 per person. The first price is the cost of a 6-day trip to a 5-star hotel in the second half of July with the all inclusive option. If we want to take a break from children, both our own and other people’s, then for the price of PLN 4,119 per person, we can spend 8 days in a hotel for adults only with 5 stars “in an elegant intimate atmosphere”, with a beach right next to the hotel.

Canary Islands

Many Poles also choose the Canary Islands as a holiday destination Spain. The cheapest offers start from around 2,000. PLN per person. for this price you will get seven nights in a 2-star hotel in Tenerife, right at the beginning of July, breakfast included. Perfect as a base for exploring the island.

If we need a bit more comfort, in the form of a 4-star hotel, then we have to spend more. We found the cheapest offer in this type of facility with the all inclusive option for 8 days at PLN 2599 per person. A hotel with a large swimming pool in a quiet area. Departure at the turn of June and July. Most offers, however, cost a minimum of 3.5-4 thousand. zloty.

The Canary Islands have been at the forefront of Poles’ holiday choices for yearsSergio Martín González/Wikimedia CC BY 2.0

What about two adults with two children? The cheapest offer we found starts from PLN 3099 per person – all inclusive option for 8 days in Tenerife with departure on June 29. However, if we cannot use the last minute option, e.g. due to lack of holidays, an 8-day stay in the all-inclusive option will cost at least PLN 3,599 per person. Although you can pay even more, even PLN 10,098 for a stay in a “luxurious and elegant” 5-star facility that offers an “elite spa center” and only 2 meals.

If we do not care about luxury, at the beginning of July we can fly to Tenerife for 8 days to a two-star facility, which offers breakfast included, and a stay for a family of 4 costs PLN 2,277 per person.

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