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Grochowy, province Greater Poland Voivodeship. Whirlwind. The storm ripped off roofs and knocked down poles

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A tornado passed through the village of Grochowy in the Greater Poland Voivodeship on Friday. The element knocked down two high-voltage poles and tore off the roofs of buildings. According to residents, the peak of the phenomenon lasted only a few minutes, and bricks caught in the wind were flying around.

On Friday, a zone of strong storms moved over Poland. Across the country firefighters intervened over 3,200 times, mainly by removing fallen trees and securing damaged roofs. Several people were injured.

Greater Poland. Tornado confirmed

Around Friday noon, a powerful storm passed through the town of Grochowy in Konin County. The element bent two large high-voltage poles and tore off the roofs of two buildings, and also damaged a nearby forest.

Polish Storm Hunters confirmed on Saturday evening that a short-lived tornado had formed in Greater Poland. The trail she left on the ground was approximately 1.37 kilometers long and a maximum of 177 meters wide. The intensity of the phenomenon was rated IF2 on the five-point Fujita scale – this means that it could be accompanied by wind gusts of up to 180 kilometers per hour.

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As residents said, everything happened in a split second.

– It was only a moment, maybe two or three minutes – said Mrs. Irena, a resident of the village, in an interview with TVN24. – I saw from the window how bricks and eternit were falling. I was even afraid to go out, when I went out later, I looked and there was no roof, she added.

The fire brigade arrived on site, secured the damaged buildings and removed broken roof fragments that were a threat to people. No one was injured.

Interventions after storms

In Greater Poland, firefighters have carried out about 400 interventions since Friday morning to remove the effects of strong winds, the fire brigade officer on duty said on Saturday morning. Firefighters most often went out to remove broken branches and fallen trees. There is no information about any injured people. The local operator managing the energy network added that there are currently no customers without electricity due to strong winds.

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Main photo source: PAP/Tomasz Wojtasik

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