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Grodzisk Mazowiecki. He broke into the company disguised as a clown. The cash box was missing

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In Grodzisk Mazowiecki, a cash box with money disappeared from one of the companies. A thief broke into the building disguised as a clown. At that time, his friend was on the lookout. Both were detained. The police found the stolen box and disguise, as well as a lot of drugs.

In Grodzisk Mazowiecki, one of the local companies reported a burglary at their headquarters. The police took up the case.

– The collected materials indicated that the perpetrator entered the room after damaging the building’s structure and breaking the door, and stole a cash box with money. He committed this crime dressed in a jumpsuit and a clown mask, said Staff Aspirant Katarzyna Zych from the District Police Headquarters in Grodzisk Mazowiecki in a statement.

The officers identified an address where the burglar could have been. They went to the property.

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The police found a crowbar, a clown suit and drugs

They found two men on site. During a search of all rooms, they recovered a cash box stolen from the company and secured a clown suit. – The men also had a backpack with a crowbar, tin snips and other tools that were used in the burglary. In the apartment building, the officers also found eight packages of dried herbs and several tablets, Zych added.

A policeman with a detained man KPP Grodzisk Mazowiecki

According to the policewoman, during the arrest, the 36-year-old admitted to burglary and stealing money, and the 38-year-old admitted to helping him in this crime by standing on the lookout. – The older man also confirmed that over 35 grams of marijuana and five tablets containing illegal substances belonged to him – the policewoman said.

Charges of burglary and police surveillance

Both detainees were charged with jointly committing burglary and damaging property. The 38-year-old will also be charged with possession of narcotic drugs. In accordance with the decision of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Grodzisk Mazowiecki, preventive measures in the form of police supervision were applied to the men.

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They detained four people, eliminated the drug route and seized drugsCBŚP

Main photo source: KPP Grodzisk Mazowiecki

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