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Hanna Machińska: The situation is getting worse when it comes to the protection of individual rights. Far from Western standards

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We see it’s wrong. We see oppression in various places. The situation in Poland is deteriorating when it comes to the protection of individual rights, said former deputy ombudsman Hanna Machińska in “Rozmowie Piaseckiego” on TVN24. She assessed that “there is definitely political approval for some kind of action” by the police.

The former deputy ombudsman spoke about the issue of compliance human rights in Poland. When asked what condition the country is in, looking at what is happening at police stations, police stations, on the occasion of political demonstrations. “We’re definitely in very bad shape,” she said. “It’s not just our opinion,” she added. – It is worth recalling here the opinion of the Council of Europe, that is, the committee against torture. He clearly stated that there are drastic violations, that there are absolutely no signs of improving the situation. It was an ad hoc visit that concerned police places – said Machińska.

We see that it’s bad. We see oppression in various places. We see inhumane treatment. Let’s add to this the entry into force of the Executive Penal Code, which drastically limits the rights of persons deprived of liberty – she said.


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Former Deputy Ombudsman: political consent to certain types of activities

When asked whether this is due to political tensions, the policemen’s sense of weakness, or suggestions from their superiors, including political ones, she assessed that “there is definitely political consent to certain types of actions”. “The police feel somewhat unpunished. Their criminal liability is illusory, she added.

– If you get 10 months of suspension for a very serious beating of a person, when we do not have the crime of torture in the Penal Code, it is a very serious matter, this is what the spokesman asked for, they know that they are protected, or they go to retirement. Cases of sentencing by the courts are rare, Machińska noted.

She was asked whether by political consent she meant consent from politicians or politically motivated, meaning that officers were given a suggestion that if they intervened during a demonstration by opponents of the ruling camp, they should be more firm.

– Let’s take the last example. If we have 10 people held for many hours, three police cordons, then what is it for? When the police say: we will not give reasons for the arrest, what purpose does it serve? You can see that the police receive an order and blindly follow it – said the deputy Commissioner for Human Rights.

She added that therefore the presence of the employees of the Commissioner’s Office is very important. “But we are trying to establish a dialogue with the police,” she said.

Machińska: It is a long way from Western standards

When asked whether Poland is closer to eastern or western standards, she replied that “it is a long way from western standards”.

“The situation is getting worse when it comes to protecting individual rights,” she said.

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