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Hawaii. Seals. Mediterranean monk seals have taken over a beach in Hawaii

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Hawaii’s popular Kaimana Beach has been closed to tourists. The reason is a monk seal puppy that was born more than a week ago. The authorities are taking all steps to ensure that the mother and cubs are not disturbed by humans.

Fencing, information signs and 24-hour monitoring – all this with a view to the seal family that appeared on the popular Hawaiian beach Kaimana Beach. Their every move is closely watched by the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources, and in addition, employees on scooters supervise the marine mammals when they take a bath in the ocean. The young pup was born on April 14 and is currently being nursed by its mother.

Such involvement of services may surprise tourists, but it is a species of Mediterranean monk seals that are threatened with extinction. “We encourage people to use other beaches,” the department said in a statement.

Closed beach

Kaimana Beach in Hawaii is expected to remain fenced off for another 5-7 weeks. And those who break the ban and try to get close to the seals can be fined.

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The Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources has written that mother seals can be exceptionally protective of their pups. There have been cases in the past of them seriously injuring swimmers who came close to them. That is why the decision was made to close the beach and fence off the beach.

Mediterranean monk seal (Munich monachus) is an endangered species, according to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). It belongs to the seal family (Phocidae). It is estimated that only 1,570 individuals of this species remain in the wild. The population of these animals is declining due to hunting and pressure from fishermen with whom they compete for fish. These animals also feed on cephalopods and other marine animals.

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