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He called Tusk a politician with a Nazi face. The PiS senator claims that it is not a scandal

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PiS senator Jacek Bogucki said on Thursday that his words that Donald Tusk is a “ruthless politician with a Nazi face” are not scandalous and have been “taken out of context”. He made them when he was answering a question about the situation of the remaining opposition leaders after the June 4 march. Bogucki also accused the head of the PO of “using the death of a child to make politics”.

It is about a statement from June 6 on the regional government television and the statement that opposition politicians “certainly will not exist at the Donald Tuskwho is a ruthless politician with a Nazi face.” These words were said in the context of a conversation about the march organized on June 4 in Warsaw by the leader of the Civic Coalition.

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The PiS senator did not apologize for his words, as well as for those he posted on social media the day before. It is about an entry in which he calls Donald Tusk, among other things, “roundworm”, “sick man”, “pig” and “dung”.

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Bogucki: These were words taken out of context

– I have already said everything – started the PiS senator when asked about his words. He added that his statement referred to “using the death of a child to bring the voters of Law and Justice to pathology, because that’s how Donald Tusk did it, proving it through a long speech”. – Death of a child killed by his stepfather in CzÄ™stochowa. (…) Taking advantage of this situation and discussing it, he said that Law and Justice this is pathology. I don’t like that language,” he added.

PiS Senator Marek Bogucki TVN24

The PiS senator stated that he “referred to the period when the same thing happened in Germany in the 1930s”. To the opinions that his words were scandalous, he replied: – No. These were words taken out of context.

Main photo source: TVN24

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