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He showed a fake driving license and was sent to a guarded center for foreigners

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On the way to Germany, in Ukraine, he bought a counterfeit Turkmen driving license. He showed them during the inspection in Warsaw. He heard the charges, has to leave Poland, and will spend the next three months in a guarded center for foreigners

Officers from the Inspection and Verification Activities Team at the Border Guard Post in Warsaw checked the legality of the stay of two men, including a 24-year-old citizen of Turkmenistan. He had a valid original passport, but did not have a visa or other document entitling him to legally enter and stay in Poland.

“Additionally, during the inspection, he showed the officers a Turkmen driving license that differed from the approved model. After checking, it was found that it was forged by forging it to resemble the original one. When asked about the origin of the suspicious document, the foreigner stated that he bought it while in Ukraine, from where he went to Germany two years earlier to apply for a temporary stay there, which he ultimately did not receive, so he decided to come to Poland, crossing the border against the regulations,” described the release of the Nadwiślański Border Guard Branch.

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He must leave Poland

Turkmen was charged with using a forged driving license and pleaded guilty.

The Commander of the Border Guard Post in Warsaw issued a decision obliging him to return and banned him from entering the territory of Poland and other Schengen countries for a period of three years. By decision of the court in Warsaw, he will stay in one of the guarded centers for foreigners for the next three months.

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Main photo source: Nadwiślański Border Guard Unit

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