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“He slowed down the car, opened the door and a small dog was thrown out.” They immediately came to help

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In Nowy Dwór Gdański, someone threw a pregnant dog out of a moving car. Fortunately, it happened in front of the eyes of the family returning from the May weekend, who immediately came to help. The female dog was taken to a shelter in Elbląg, and the police are looking for her owner who committed such brutality.

Mrs. Iwona Kaszczyc-Wawrzyniak and her family were returning from the May weekend on the Vistula Spit when they noticed one of the drivers throwing a small dog out of a moving car. – When leaving Nowy Dwór Gdański, we noticed that he slowed down the car, opened the door and a small dog was thrown out of the door. The car continued to drive away, the woman reports.

The woman didn't hesitate for a moment. She stopped the car at a roundabout, blocked traffic and, with the help of passing paramedics, saved an abandoned female dog. – Every life deserves equal treatment – emphasizes paramedic Damian Porada from Monblu Emergency Medical Services in Gdańsk.

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The rescuers called the police and an employee of the animal shelter in Elbląg, who took the abandoned animal. It was obvious, even without an ultrasound examination, that the female dog would give birth in a few days. – The previous owner was certainly aware that the female dog was very pregnant and wanted to get rid of the problem – says Anna Gołębiewska, a veterinarian.

Shelter employees have often adopted animals in a similar condition because their owners did not want to feed the puppies.

A Home for Harmed Animals was established in Wrocław

“He really likes being with people”

The abandoned female dog shows from the first moments in the shelter that she deserves a better home than a cage with bars. – We named her Adora because she is very adoring. He really likes being with people, says Paulina Spoczyńska from the OTOZ Animals Shelter in Elbląg.

It's hard not to love the dog, and even harder to understand how you could just throw her out of the car. – We will definitely look for the culprit. We will announce the dog on the website, so maybe someone knew or saw the owner – says Monika Pawlak from the OTOZ Animals Shelter in Elbląg.

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The police already know the probable make of the car used by the perpetrator. Now they are analyzing surveillance records from nearby cameras. – Many people do not realize that abandoning an animal is a form of abuse – notes the junior asp. Karolina Figiel from the District Police Headquarters in Nowy Dwór Gdański.

The “Six Paws Run”, which took place on Saturday at a shelter in Elbląg, is an opportunity for anyone willing to take a homeless animal for a walk. Adora has a chance for much more after quarantine. – If she finds a good home, she will definitely accept people and she will be much better off than those who kicked her out – says Klara Barańska, who took part in the event.

Main photo source: Fakty TVN

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