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Holidays 2023. Number of bookings and popular destinations. Commentary by Piotr Henicz

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Compared to last year, the prices of holiday trips have increased by 15-20 percent, said Piotr Henicz, vice-president of Itaka and vice-president of the Polish Chamber of Tourism, on TVN24. However, he added that despite inflation, the number of bookings for the summer is higher than it was in 2022.

Piotr Henicz, vice-president of Itaka, vice-president of the Polish Chamber of Tourism and member of the board of the Polish Association of Tourism Organizers, who was a guest of TVN24 on Saturday, was asked, among other things, about the holiday plans of Poles in 2023 in the context of rising prices.

Itaka’s deputy chief: Poles do not want to give up their holidays

– The number of bookings made by Poles at the moment is not lower than it was a year ago or before the covid – he said. He added that despite inflation For Poles, rest and holidays are important.

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“It’s something we don’t really want to give up, and fortunately, we’re largely not giving up.” We can see it in the number of bookings made by Poles for six or eight months. There are definitely more bookings for the summer 2023 season than last year – he emphasized, adding that the level of bookings is also higher than in 2019, i.e. before the pandemic.

The vice-president of one of the largest travel agencies in Poland admitted that the prices had increased by between 15 and 20 percent. – We plan holiday trips much earlier, not necessarily looking for savings at all costs. We are aware that trips this year are more expensive and will be more expensive, but we do not want to give them up – he explained.

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Favorite holiday destinations

According to Piotr Henicz, when it comes to holiday destinations, fashion does not really change. – Poles love to fly to Turkeylove the Greek islands, are often also interested Albania, Bulgaria. Those who are more picky are happy to return to the Canary Islands or to the southern ones Italian he enumerated.

The TVN24 guest stated that more and more customers are asking about long-distance trips, which are much more expensive. – Exotic trips are popular not only in the winter season, but also in the summer season – he noted.

When asked whether Poles prefer to rest in the country or abroad in terms of prices, he replied that “it shouldn’t really compare.” – If we want to fly to some interesting, charming place abroad, we usually have to travel several thousand kilometers. Here, the cost of transport is very important – he said.

At the same time, he assessed that “the hotel stay itself, whether it is abroad or in our country, but in a hotel of the same category, are actually very comparable costs”.

– Poles love to use all-inclusive meals, and there are very few or almost no such services in our country – he concluded.

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