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Hollywood. Harrison Ford owes his career to me, I turned down the role in Star Wars – Al Pacino

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I got the script. They offered me a lot of money. But I didn’t understand the script,” admitted Al Pacino, explaining why he turned down the role in “Star Wars”, which was eventually played by Harrison Ford. “I gave Harrison Ford a career and he never thanked me for it,” he added with a smile. Al Pacino also revealed that he is currently working on a book in which he will write down his memoirs.

Al Pacino discussed the rejection of the role of Han Solo in “Star Wars” on Wednesday during the event “People who inspire us”, organized at the New York cultural center 92nd Street Y. The star refused to play in the first film of the series: “A New Hope” which premiered in 1977.

He has now admitted that he regrets that decision. They gave me a script called Star Wars. They offered me a lot of money. But I didn’t understand him. I read it and said I couldn’t play it,” he recalled, without specifying what exactly he didn’t understand about the script. “I gave Harrison Ford a career and he never thanked me for it,” he added with a smile. The role of Ford, still little known at the time, in the film by George Lucas brought him worldwide fame.

Al Pacino is writing a book

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During the meeting, Al Pacino also recalled one of the most famous films in which he played – “The Godfather”. As he admitted, he recently watched this Francis Ford Coppola production for the first time in 25 years. The host of the meeting, David Rubenstein, asked him if the actor was unhappy that, although he had more lines of dialogue than Marlon Brando, he was nominated for Oscar in the Supporting Actor category, while Brando received a nomination in the Leading Actor category. Al Pacino vehemently denied it. – Where do these things come from? I wasn’t angry, are you kidding me? he replied.

During a meeting in New York, Pacino also revealed that he had started working on a book of his memoirs. – At a certain age, you start things like this. I’ve stayed away from it, but I think there are things I should talk about,” he said. Hollywood Reporter.” “Memoirs are a good idea and I’m working on them,” he added, noting that their co-author was in the room, but did not give his identity.

Al Pacino and Marlon Brando in The GodfatherFilmPublicityArchive/United Archives via Getty Images

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Al Pacino – actor’s career

Al Pacino, now 82, made his big screen debut in the late 1960s with the role of Tony in I, Natalia. The viewers especially remembered his roles in “Serpico”, “Scarface”, “Dog’s Afternoon” or in two parts of “The Godfather”. The actor has been nominated for an Oscar nine times, winning the statuette once – for the best role in a leading role in “Scent of a Woman”.

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