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Hollywood. Jamie Lee Curtis deleted a post with a controversial photo of a child

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A photo of a naked baby in a bathtub, published by Jamie Lee Curtis on social media, caused a number of comments and criticism of the famous actress. Curtis deleted the post with the controversial photo, then published a statement explaining her decision.

The framed photo on the wall of Jamie Lee Curtis’s office was seen by fans of the actress in a photo she posted on social media on Saturday, January 14. Shortly after it was revealed that she contracted COVID-19 after Golden Globe Awards Gala. “Okay. This is a weird post. But I have Covid so fuck it,” Curtis wrote. She went on to explain that the chairs in the foreground were used in the film Everything All At Once, in which she played the role of Deirdre Beaubeirdry.

Jamie Lee Curtis before the 2023 Golden Globes.PAP/EPA/CAROLINE BREHMAN

Photo posted by Jamie Lee Curtis: “We have serious questions”

However, the attention of some recipients was not drawn to the luxurious furniture, but to the photo of a naked girl in a small bathtub visible behind them, hanging on the wall of the room. “5 days ago Jamie Lee Curtis posted a vaccine ad on Instagram… 3 days ago she posted an extremely disturbing photo of a baby stuffed in a suitcase at home. We have serious questions,” right-wing activist Rogan O’Handley tweeted. . His post was retweeted 7.4k. times.

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“Hollyweird strikes again!” – wrote the politician Jack Lombardi II, who in 2022 unsuccessfully applied for a seat in the United States House of Representatives on behalf of the Republican Party. “Why does Jamie Lee Curtis have a picture of a naked baby stuffed in a suitcase on the wall?” radio host Stew Peters asked on Twitter.

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Jamie Lee Curtis deleted the post

The actress responded to the negative comments almost a week after posting the photo: “Last week I posted a photo of some chairs with a photograph on the wall by an artist who gave it to me 20 years ago,” she tweeted on Thursday, Jan. some people. As I said, I’m truthful, so here’s the truth. It’s a photograph of a baby, taken by her mother, of her playing in a bathtub in the backyard. Nothing more, nothing less.”

As she added, she decided to remove the photo post because she did not want to leave something “that could upset someone”. Fans of Curtis commented on the statement, encouraging the actress: “I’m more worried about people who have seen something more than a baby in a bathtub,” the Internet user wrote. “If only people cared about doing things that REALLY protect children, like passing sensible gun laws,” reads another comment.

However, there were also negative comments from people who scored primarily the fact that the photo shows a naked child.

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Jamie Lee Curtis and Barry Keoghan (nominated for their role in “Inisherin Ghosts”)PAP/EPA/CAROLINE BREHMAN


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