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Inns. The students renovated the Ursus tractor from 1962

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Students of the trade school in Karczmiska (Lubelskie Voivodeship) renovated a Ursus C-325 tractor from 1962 as part of workshops. The vehicle belongs to their teacher, who, as a lover of American motoring, attached a Harley-Davidson badge to it. After the restoration, the tractor looks like it just rolled off the production line.

– History has come full circle, because the tractor was originally used by students of this facility, which years ago was an agricultural school. Now he has returned here to gain a new life – says Sławomir Zielonka, a teacher at the 1st degree Industry School in the Special Education and Educational Center in Karczmiska.

He is also the owner of Ursus C-325 from 1962, which was renovated by students of this school for several months.

The owner uses it to work in the vegetable garden Grzegorz Salacinski

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They dismantled and reassembled

– Mr. Zielonka put money on parts and paint. 14 people who were learning the profession of a car mechanic as part of workshops worked on the renovation of the tractor. At first, maybe they were a bit reluctant to work, but when the first effects appeared, there was also commitment – recalls Roman Marniak, workshop manager, under whose supervision the work was carried out.

Many parts had to be replaced Special School and Educational Center in Karczmiska

He adds that although the tractor had a functional engine and worked, it required, among other things, replacement of the electrical installation.

– He also had a lot of play in the brakes. A new radiator had to be installed because the old one was leaking. It can be said that apart from the engine and gearbox, it was dismantled and reassembled – emphasizes Marniak.

The tractor has been in the family since the 1970s

The effect is impressive. Ursus looks like it just rolled off the production line.

Now it looks as if it left the production line a moment ago Special School and Educational Center in Karczmiska

– The tractor has been in our family since the late 1970s, when my late father bought it from an agricultural school where he was also a teacher, just like me. It was on this tractor that he taught driving lessons – says Zielonka.

He adds that today the tractor is already “retired”. – In the past, as it is in the People’s Republic of Poland, he worked not only our field, but also our neighbors. Today, I use it for 20 minutes in the spring and 20 minutes in the fall when I work in my vegetable garden at home, she admits.

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He points out that currently the tractor is not entirely consistent with the original. – The alternator or lamps come from a newer tractor. More than maintaining the original appearance of the vehicle, I was interested in keeping the tractor in use, he says.

Not only a tractor, but also a Harley and a classic Chevrolet model

Certainly, the vehicle did not have the Harley-Davidson badge in 1962, which is on it today.

Mr. Sławomir, even before the renovation, attached a Harley-Davidson badge to the tractorGrzegorz Salacinski

– I’ve attached it before, because I’m a lover of American motoring and I wanted to show my passion in this way. I also have a 2013 Harley-Davidson motorcycle and a 1992 Chevrolet Corvette C4, a classic. The students also help me with repairs and these vehicles – emphasizes the teacher.

Main photo source: Grzegorz Salacinski

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