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Joan’s case. Mrs. Joanna is disappointed with Commandant Szymczyk’s conference

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Mrs. Joanna talks about the police chief’s conference with disappointment and sadness. Not only was she unconvinced by General Szymczyk’s arguments that the officers were at the hospital to help her. This version of events is also crushed by lawyers and experts. In turn, the prosecutor’s office receives reports of crimes committed by police officers.

Mrs. Joanna hoped that from Thursday’s police chief’s conference she would find out why, when she was looking for help, she found herself trapped, surrounded by the police. Jarosław Szymczyk argued that the woman was cared for. – Mrs. Joanna was not detained for a moment, and we did not carry out activities aimed at her person. The only thing we did was to prevent a suicide attack, Commander Szymczyk said.

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– This whole caring narrative is completely bogus. If this is how the state’s concern for me is supposed to look like, then I thank you for such care. I’ll take care of myself, she says.

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The conservative MP and former policewoman Magdalena Sroka was also not convinced by the commandant’s words about saving Joanna. – I am ashamed of the officer from Krakow – said W “One on one” TVN24 MP.

From a phone call to a doctor to broadcast material in “Fakty” TVN. The course of events in the case of JoannaPaulina Chacińska/Fakty po Poludnie TVN24

Revision and security of the phone and laptop

From the doctor, the police heard that Joanna wanted to do something to herself, but how was the search, focused on looking for dangerous objects, to dissuade her? – If, as they say, I was not treated as a defendant, then why were the methods applied to me that are used against criminals? Joanna asks.

There was no search or securing of objects when the commandant fired a grenade launcher in his office – notes MP Magdalena Sroka. – The commander is the perpetrator of such an act and nothing happens to him, there is no procedure, no one tells him to take off his panties, to crouch – stresses Sroka.

– I have not seen such a situation, and I have been practicing my profession for over 10 years, so that the injured person is subjected to such a personal search – says Agata Bzdyń, legal adviser.

The commander explained that the police considered that the drugs that Mrs Joanna had taken, in their opinion, had harmed her and could also harm others. – From whom and what are the drugs in order to possibly save other buyers – Szymczyk justified. Therefore, the policemen demanded the return of the phone and laptop.

The first recording that was presented at the police conference in the case of Joanna

The first recording that was presented at the police conference in the case of Joanna TVN24

– The police have such technical means that they are able to recreate it at a much later time – points out Andrzej Mroczek, a former policeman. – A police officer has nothing to do in a doctor’s office, unless there are exceptional situations – emphasizes prof. Andrzej Zoll, former president of the Constitutional Tribunal and former Ombudsman.

Accusations against the attitude of doctors

The chief of police believes that the medics disturbed the policemen, not the other way around. – The relationship between the medical services of the military hospital and the policemen – in my opinion – is very different from the standards to which I am personally accustomed – Szymczyk emphasized on Thursday.

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At the same time, the chief of police announced that he would explain it. The prosecutor’s office is responsible for explaining the actions of the police. Earlier, she had no objections to taking a laptop and a phone.

Mrs. Joanna’s representative sends a notification to the prosecutor’s office about the commission of a crime by police officers. In her opinion, during the intervention they exceeded their powers. – No person, in any condition, should be treated like Mrs. Joanna – emphasizes Kamila Ferenc, Mrs. Joanna’s attorney, a lawyer from the Foundation for Women and Family Planning “Federa”.

Joanna on abortion: it should not be discussed in an atmosphere of fear and terror

Joanna on abortion: it should not be discussed in an atmosphere of fear and terrorTVN24

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