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Karol Wojtyła knew about pedophilia in the Church. Media about Marcin Gutowski’s report Franciszkańska 3

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Karol Wojtyła knew about the sexual abuse by priests and hid it in Poland before he became the pope, which was shown in his reportage “Franciszkańska 3” by Marcin Gutowski from “Czarno na Białe”. The world media write about the disclosed information.

“Franciszkańska 3” is the seventh part of the “Bielmo” series by Marcin Gutowski from “Black and White”. It is at 3 Franciszkańska Street in Krakow that the Bishop’s Palace is located, a symbolic place for the pontificate of John Paul II. Karol Wojtyła lived here as a student of theological seminary, he was ordained a priest in 1946, and then – until he was elected pope – he served as the bishop and metropolitan of Krakow from there.

On March 6, on TVN24, the documentary “Franciszkańska 3” premiered on Monday, March 6, and from Saturday, March 4, it can also be watched on TVN24 GO.

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“Shadow on the pontificate”

The French “Le Monde” reminded that a book containing similar accusations against Karol Wojtyła will be published in Poland on Wednesday – by the Dutch reporter Ekke Overbeek. The Irish Times also drew attention to two independent journalistic investigations. “They spoke to dozens of victims of Polish pedophile priests, their families and former diocesan employees,” it said.

“Abuses cast a shadow on the pontificate of John Paul II. In Poland, discussions were sparked by old documents from the archives of the communist police, which show that as a bishop he was aware of abuses against minors,” wrote the Italian portal “Il Mattino”.

Pope John Paul IITVN24

“According to the arrangements, Karol Wojtyła transferred priests, including one to Austriato avoid a scandal involving the Church.”

The Italian newspaper Il Messaggero spoke in a similar tone. “The shadow of the abuses is cast over John Paul II,” it was written. The daily added that “Poland is shocked by further reports on this matter.” The article also draws attention to the publication of a Dutch journalist regarding Wojtyła.

“If there were suspicions, now there is evidence of it”

The French “La Croix” emphasized that “if there were any suspicions that Karol Wojtyła was aware of cases of pedophilia in the Polish Church, now there is evidence of it.” Referring to the case of the priest transferred to Austria, “Le Croix” emphasized that Wojtyła in a letter to the Cardinal of Vienna “did not inform him of the allegations against him”.

The Colombian portal “Semana” drew attention to the conversations of TVN24 journalist Marcin Gutowski with the victims of pedophilia cases covered up by John Paul II, “and even with people who once worked in the diocese led by the future pope.” “In the course of the investigation, the then police files and part of the documentation that rested in church institutions were also presented, pointing to some documents to which the Diocese of Krakow refused access” – added.

A fragment of the report “Franciszkańska 3”

“He never reported it”

“A witness who wished to remain anonymous confirmed that he had personally told Cardinal Wojtyla about the priest’s pedophile activities in 1973,” reported the German “Welt”. “Wojtyła first wanted to make sure that it was not a bluff. He said he would look into it and asked not to report it anywhere,” wrote the portal of the German daily.

France 24 television drew attention to the statement of Thomas Doyle, a canon lawyer, author of the first American report on sexual abuse in the Church.

He said that Gutowski’s investigation was “groundbreaking” and argued that John Paul II knew about the existence of this problem even before he became pope.

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