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KO MPs start a “great inspection of prizes and bonuses” for PiS people. “The cash grab is underway”

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We want those in power to know that we are keeping an eye on them and that we will check what they will do in the last hours of their rule, said Dariusz Joński, an MP from the Civic Coalition, at Tuesday’s press conference. He announced a “great control of prizes and bonuses” in ministries and offices. – All these ministries, all these departments, these agencies, these funds have now turned into one big pumping station of public funds – said MP Michał Szczerba.

– We are starting a big inspection of prizes, bonuses and all these people PiSwho are employed or work in various companies and ministries – said KO MP Dariusz Joński in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of State Assets in Warsaw. He noted that the inspection is starting at the ministry Jacek Sasin.

– We heard from our whistleblowers and informants that many PiS politicians are hidden in these ministries as so-called experts, i.e. outside the competition. They receive salaries ranging from PLN 1,800 to almost PLN 6,730. Each of these people can receive up to 50 percent bonus every month – said Joński. He summarized that in total, Minister Sasin had “over 19 expert advisors” in his ministry.

Joński emphasized that the control of awards and bonuses should apply to all ministries. – Today we are starting inspections in all ministries and offices. We want to know and we want them to know that this is public money. You can’t spend however you want, said the KO MP.

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Szczerba: there is no consent for Kaczyński to use public funds to make his own private television

– We have agreed with Mr. Joński, here at the Ministry of State Assets, but we also have information from outside regarding State Treasury companies and state banks, that an operation is currently underway to transfer funds from the companies through media houses to Telewizja Republika – said Michał Szczerba.

He added that “probably the place that Jarosław Kaczyński chose to hide helpful pseudo-journalists from the national media and feed the opposition for years is Telewizja Republika.”

– We cover the transfer of funds to this station and this medium through parliamentary monitoring. We do not consent to Kaczyński using public money, companies’ money, state banks’ money to make his own private television during the period of deep opposition, said Szczerba.

Joński pointed out that the National Freedom Institute announced the competition the day after elections for the amount of over PLN 60 million. – Everyone is in a hurry with these competitions – he noted.

Szczerba: we are currently auditing several institutions at the same timeTVN24

“The cash grab is underway”

– We want those in power to know that we are watching their backs and that we will check what they will do in the last hours of their rule – said Joński.

– We have our hands full. We are receiving further signals, said the MP. And he appealed to officials to inform “about the pathologies, the brazen money grab in the form of subsidies, subsidies or salaries and subsequent bonuses that are taking place in many places where PiS is still in power.”

– I have the impression from the institutions we visited today that all these ministries, all these departments, these agencies, these funds have turned into one big pumping station – said Szczerba. As he said, the goal is to “allocate as much public funds as possible to organizations, to PiS media, in order to block the hands of future ministers.” – There is a cash grab in progress – he argued.

– We see your decisions. We monitor your decisions. We keep records of your decisions. And you will answer with your own wealth. Financial liability of management board members for actions to the detriment of companies – warned Szczerba.

Main photo source: TVN24

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