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Krasnystaw Commune. They found a dagger from thousands of years ago. According to the conservation services, this is a sensational discovery

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Members of the “Wolica” Historical and Searching Association searched for artefacts from the times of World War I and II in the forest in the Krasnystaw commune (Lubelskie Voivodeship). They accidentally came across a dagger, which – as it turned out – was probably made about 3.5 thousand years ago. Its historical value is priceless – conservation services say about a sensational find.

– We were returning from a search and a colleague came across this item. The object lay shallow, literally a few centimeters below the ground. It is a miracle that we managed to extract it – says Wojciech Werus from the “Wolica” Historical and Exploration Association.

Members of this association conducted searches with a metal detector in the forest in the municipality of Krasnystaw. They hoped to find artifacts from World War I and World War II. At some point, one of the seekers, Grzegorz Rękas, came across something much older.

The artifact is approximately 16 centimeters long WUOZ in Lublin

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It was probably built between 1600 and 1300 BC

It’s a bronze dagger.

Head of the Chełm branch of the Provincial Office for the Protection of Monuments in Lublin, Paweł Wira, says that the dagger was most likely made in the Bronze Age between 1600 and 1300 BC. So it comes from about 3.5 thousand years ago. years.

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– In the material sense, it has negligible value, while its historical and scientific value is priceless – he claims.

They don’t remember another such monument

According to him, it is a sensational find.

– In the area of ​​operation of the delegation – the counties of Chełm, Krasnystaw and Włodawa – there was no such find. We consulted it with local archaeologists, who have been professionally dealing with monuments for several decades, we checked it in museums in Chełm, Krasnystaw, and Włodawa, and we established that there is no other such monument – admits Wira.

The dagger probably reached the Polish lands from the DanubeWUOZ in Lublin

It also says that the dagger is in good condition, its edges show no signs of wear. It is about 16 cm long and about four centimeters wide at its widest point, and about half a centimeter at its narrowest.

There are very few such items in Poland

– The object probably reached the Polish lands with its producers, who moved north from the Danube for settlement purposes. It is not a local product, but a thing that most likely came here from today’s area HungarianCzech Republic, Austria, Slovakia – from the Danube area – says the manager.

It is in good condition, its edges show no signs of wearWUOZ in Lublin

He adds that although similar artefacts from the Bronze Age have been found in Podkarpacie and Masuria, there are very few such objects in Poland. Only a few dozen.

– That is why it is a unique thing – stresses Paweł Wira.

Main photo source: WUOZ in Lublin

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