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Marchewka: Deputy minister with remote work, no one has seen him at work for almost three years. The company lost half a million zlotys

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In one of the ports in Szczecin, we are dealing with a situation where one of the deputy ministers was guaranteed remote work for several thousand zlotys a month – said Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Arkadiusz Marchewka (KO) in “#BezKitu”, when asked about the results of audits after the PiS government. He added that this person “did not download the equipment he was supposed to use for almost three years.” – It cost the State Treasury company over half a million zlotys – he said.

Secretary of State at the Ministry of Infrastructure, Arkadiusz Marchewka (KO), when asked in the “#BezKitu” program about the results of audits in ministries after the PiS government, shared “the most recent case from yesterday.” – Notifications have been sent to the prosecutor's office. In one of the ports in Szczecin, we are dealing with a situation where one of the deputy ministers was guaranteed remote work for several thousand zlotys – he began.

As he added, this person “has never logged into the system in almost three years, has never downloaded the equipment he should be working on, and there are no material traces of his work, and no one in the company has ever seen him.” – It cost the State Treasury company over half a million zlotys – he said.

“#BezKitu” program TVN24

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– This week, the company's management sent a second notification to the prosecutor's office in this case – he continued. Speaking about another case, Marchewka said that “in Polska Żegluga Bałtycka, the departing directors associated with PiS secured 15 salaries of several thousand zlotys each in the event of dismissal.”

As stated by the second guest of the program, Łukasz Rzepecki from the president's office, “the prosecutor's office is the most appropriate institution to which such notifications should be directed.” – If such situations occur in every company, everywhere, because this is state property, they should be explained and the money, if illegally collected, returned to the State Treasury – he added.

Bocheński: If Suski was wiretapped, it proves the impartiality of the services

Law and Justice MP Marek Suski is among the people summoned to the prosecutor's office in the case of Pegasus surveillance – confirmed to tvn24.pl spokesman for the National Prosecutor's Office, Przemysław Nowak. As he explained, the summons does not mean that Suski was wiretapped. – This is under investigation – he said. Earlier, the head of the Ministry of Justice, Adam Bodnar, said that the prosecutor's office had sent letters to 31 people who “have the status of a witness in the proceedings.”

Read more: Marek Suski was summoned to the prosecutor's office in the Pegasus case

The matter was commented on by the guests of the first part of “#BezKitu” – Tobiasz Bocheński (PiS) and Aleksandra Leo (Polska 2050-Trzecia Droga).

Speaking about the use of the Pegasus system by the authorities, Tobiasz Bocheński said that “the key issue in this case is that the court agreed to wiretaps each time because this is the procedure, an independent, independent court.” – Therefore, the most important thing is whether the procedure was followed – he added.

– If there was a procedure in which the prosecutor applied for permission from an independent, independent court to eavesdrop on a specific person XYZ using any means at the disposal of the services – I am not an expert in this matter – if a legal procedure was followed, I do not see controversial, he said.

– I don't know whether he was bugged or not. I think that Mr. Marek Suski should say today whether he received such a notice or information from the prosecutor's office – he said. He added that if it turned out that Suski was wiretapped, “it would prove that the services acted impartially.”

Leo: this may seriously harm PiS

– This system, which was created to eliminate terrorists, was used illegally to eavesdrop on the opposition and, as it turns out, on members of parliament from their own party. The first such serious Law and Justice politician who was wiretapped is Mr. Suski, said MP Aleksandra Leo.

As she said, “this is shocking information, but also the lack of trust in our own politicians, that they need to be eavesdropped on, that they need to be picked on.” – For me it's devastating. I think this is a situation where if it turns out that more of these Law and Justice politicians were wiretapped, it is a situation that could seriously damage this party, not to mention destroy the party from the inside, she added.

Main photo source: TVN24

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