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Lublin. He repaired the car in the garage. At some point there was an explosion and fire. The fire destroyed the apartments in the block

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Seven teams of firefighters fought a fire in one of the blocks of flats at Relaksowa Street in Lublin. The fire first appeared in the garage where the explosion took place – probably as a result of a leak in the gas system in the car being repaired by the 69-year-old. The man suffered burns. He went to the hospital. As a result of the fire, two apartments burned down, and six have damaged windows and sooted walls.

– I don’t remember a second such fire in the last ten years. We had to face a very demanding action – says senior captain Andrzej Szacoń from the Municipal Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Lublin.

On Wednesday (February 15), firefighters received a report about a fire that broke out in one of the blocks at Relaksowa in Lublin.

There was an explosion in the garageKM PSP Lublin

The fire moved to the facade of the block

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“When we got there, the garage and the car inside were on fire. The fire also covered the facade of the block above the garage – our interlocutor points out.

He adds that the fire started in a garage where a 69-year-old man was repairing his car.

– He suffered burns. Rescuers took him to the hospital, the firefighter said.

The fire quickly spread to the upper floors KM PSP Lublin

Losses were initially estimated at around one million zlotys

The fire quickly spread to the balconies and windows of other apartments. Some firefighters put out the fire, while others checked to see if anyone was in the apartments.

Seven fire engines were at the sceneKM PSP Lublin

Luckily they were empty. The operation lasted three and a half hours. A car and a garage burned down, as well as two apartments located directly above it. The windows of the other six were destroyed. There are soot on the walls. Losses were initially estimated at about one million zlotys – emphasizes senior captain. Respect.

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Seven hosts, i.e. 24 firefighters, took part in the action. The construction supervision was also informed about the fire, whose task will be to check whether the building is suitable for further use.

There is probably a leak in the gas system

The police are also taking action. – The fire started while the car was being repaired. The gas system in the car was probably unsealed, which resulted in an explosion – says Superintendent Kamil Gołębiowski from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Lublin.

The car burned completelyKM PSP Lublin

He adds that the uniformed officers are currently waiting for the opinions of experts and collecting evidence.

“We are working on a case, not against someone. When we finish our investigation, we will send the documentation to the prosecutor’s office – the police officer points out.

Main photo source: KM PSP Lublin

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