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Lublin. Police intervention during a loud party. In the background, Przemysław Czarnek's parliamentary office and the Catholic Intelligentsia Club

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Residents of Śródmieście in Lublin were woken up by loud bangs and music. According to witnesses who called the police, night noises were coming from the villa at ul. Rayskiego 3. The building where the event took place houses Przemysław Czarnek's parliamentary office and the Catholic Intelligentsia Club.

A report about loud music coming from the building at 3 Rayskiego Street and “girls squealing” was received by the city police station on duty on the night from Saturday to Sunday. The case was described by Gazeta Wyborcza.

Local residents were woken up by a loud bang at 11:30 p.m. – Such a big, strong thump. It wasn't the sound coming from the open windows of a passing car. He was much more loud and piercing. It pierced the entire body and head. It was impossible to bear it, says Elżbieta in “Wyborcza”.

Her words are confirmed by other residents of Lublin, quoted by the newspaper's website. One of the women compared the sound to that of the floats that open the equality parades in Berlin. – The height of rudeness. Imagine that someone placed a rather large portable tape recorder on the windowsill through an open window. Set to full speed, as much as the factory provided. I guess that's what young people call it today. Additionally, there were some squeals and screams coming from the girls. This is a quiet area, we are not used to something like this at all, says another.

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A 22-year-old woman was identified

The police confirm that the intervention actually took place. – We received a report of this incident before midnight from residents who were reportedly disturbed by the noise. Police officers were dispatched to the scene, and in fact, music and conversations could be heard through the open window. During the intervention, the police identified the person responsible for organizing this meeting and ended the intervention – says Kamil Gołębiowski, press officer of the Lublin police.

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“Gazeta Wyborcza” writes that the identified organizer of the event was a 22-year-old woman. The policeman only confirms the person's year of birth – 2002.

Przemysław Czarnek: none of us were there

Whether – as “Wyborcza” reports – the event took place in the building at ul. Rayskiego 3, the police no longer confirm. – I can only say that it was an intervention at ul. Rayskiego – summarizes Gołębiowski.

MP Przemysław Czarnek, whose office is located in the villa, also does not admit to having fun at night. – Indeed, my parliamentary office is located on the high ground floor at ul. Rayskiego 3 and it was closed from Friday evening to Monday morning, none of us were there – assures the politician in an interview with tvn24.pl.

– Many organizations meet in this building, so if any of them disturb you, please contact the Catholic Intelligentsia Club. We found out about it today, so let them explain it, suggests Czarnek. He adds that if someone disturbed residents, they should apologize for it.

Indeed, the building at 3 Rayskiego Street is also the headquarters of the Catholic Intelligentsia Club. We sent an e-mail to this organization asking about the event and we are waiting for a response.

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