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Lupine. He robbed the store and ran out with the goods. He shot the security guard who caught up with him. The police are looking for him

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A search is underway for a young man who in Lubin (Lower Silesian Voivodeship), after he robbed a local market, shot a security guard with an air gun, with whom he got into a fight. The police know the identity of the perpetrator. The security guard is undergoing surgery.

The incident took place on Friday (February 24) around 7 p.m. The police received a report that a young man had stolen groceries in one of the supermarkets in the center of Lubin. – Then he ran out with the goods, after about a hundred meters he was caught up by a security worker who noticed the thief – informed senior aspirant Krzysztof Pawlik from the District Police Headquarters in Lubin.

Police: He pulled out an air gun and fired, wounding the security guard in the face

A scuffle broke out between the men, police said. “At one point, he pulled out a pneumatic gun with rubber bullets and fired a shot at close range at a security guard who was wounded in the face,” he said.

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The injured 63-year-old man was taken to a hospital in Lubin, and then he was transported to Legnica. Finally, due to the nature of the injuries, it was decided to transfer him to a specialist hospital in Wrocław, where he is to undergo a serious operation. “His life is not in danger,” Pawlik said.

The perpetrator broke free and ran away. The police are looking for him, they know his name

Police are now looking for the culprit who managed to free himself and run away. “Officers have established his personal details and activities are underway to arrest him,” the police officer said.

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