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Martyna Wojciechowska – episode “Women at the End of the World” in Canada [ZDJĘCIA]

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Martyna Wojciechowska moved to Canada. “Waking up before 3 am and almost 24 hours on the road! But it’s worth it for such views,” the traveler wrote on Instagram. The pictures of landscapes she posts on social media make a big impression on her fans. The journalist also referred to the current situation in Poland.

“Today I hug you from Jasper! It’s one of the ‘big four’ Canadian national parks in the Rockies. Almost 11,000 km2 of beautiful nature and a total of over 1,200 km of trails!” – reports Martyna Wojciechowska. And once again he repeats that he is shooting the best season in the history of “Women at the End of the World”.

Work on the 14th season of “Women at the End of the World” started at the end of last year. The team visited Ukraine and Brazil, and recently was in Florida. “This will be one of the craziest and most positive episodes! Spoiler alert: I even dance in a unicorn costume,” announces the American episode of the traveler. A few days after returning from the US, she received the Socially Responsible Influencer statuette at the See Bloggers festival in Łódź. There, she encouraged people to get involved in the project “Young Heads. Opening up about mental health”, which was launched by her UNAWEZA foundation in October. – Young people are very close to my heart. I feel that we adults can still do a lot in this matter. Work on yourself and on how our kids feel. (…) We know from the study that young people feel lonely, do not have a sense of agency, that many of them have thought or attempted suicide. Every story like this breaks my heart. There are a lot of them, says Wojciechowska.

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Martyna Wojciechowska on media freedom

He has been trying to use his Internet reach to publicize “important things” for a long time. The traveler declares that she does not want to “swallow popularity for stupidity, but to do something useful with it”. Upon arrival to Canada commented on the statement on freedom of speech and media in Poland published by the editors-in-chief of many Polish websites. “I am a journalist. This profession has always been a mission for me. It is connected with a deep conviction that I can really change the world for the better by publicizing important matters. (…) As journalists, we have a duty to raise topics that can often be difficult, uncomfortable The media should also look at the hands of those in power – regardless of who they are. History has shown many times why this is needed, “she wrote. She reminded the principles of journalism: objectivity, reliability, honesty and independence. “For several years, I have been watching with sadness and anxiety how the current authorities are slowly taking control of the media, which they have made a communication tool for their ‘only true truth’. More and more media report attempts to exert pressure. You cannot remain silent,” writes Wojciechowska.

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